INSIDE: Use old vintage comic books to make DIY superhero wall art. Easy superhero gallery wall decor for kids bedroom or man cave.

Make a simple superhero gallery wall using old comic books

So my mother-in-law has been cleaning out closets. Super. Less for us to do when they downsize and move. However her clean-out means boxes and bags of my husband’s childhood things are coming into my house.

Within all this loot was his collection of comic books. Now what was I going to do with these well-read, dog-eared, much-loved yet not-going-to-make-us-wealthy box of comic books?!

Enter my superhero-loving preschooler, who just happened to be moving into his own room. SuperSee how I donned my cape and mask to make superhero wall art from all these old comic books…

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How to Make Superhero Wall Art from Old Comic Books

Do you have a superhero-lover or Comic Con-goer in your life? Grab some comic books. Find your favorite scenes. Super easy.

You Will Need:
– comic book(s)
Mod Podge + brush
– sheet of plywood
– ruler + pencil
Skil circular saw
– paint

How to Use Vintage Comic Books for Superhero Wall Art

Lay out the comic book page onto the sheet of plywood. Determine your measurements. (Ours measure 8″x11.25″.) Cut the plywood with a Skil saw.

If desired, paint the plywood.

DIY Simple Superhero Gallery Wall
Once dry, apply a layer of Mod Podge to the back of the comic book page. Place the comic book onto the plywood. Smooth out.

Paint on a layer of Mod Podge over the comic page.

DIY Simple Superhero Gallery Wall
We used a carpet nail to secure the comic books onto the wall.

Make a simple superhero gallery wall using old comic books

how to make a vintage comic book gallery wall

You don’t need super strength to put together this simple DIY superhero gallery wall!

Make a fun superhero themed kids bedroom with DIY superhero craft ideas

Because one can never be super enough, we made a DIY superhero bed with a DIY wooden emblem.

Always remember that with great power comes great decorating!

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