INSIDE: How to make the easiest NO SEW decorative throw pillow from a tote bag. DIY “Artists and Fleas” pillow for DIY home decorating.

DIY easiest no sew throw pillow for home from a tote bag. Add tassels and pom poms for home decor.

A few months ago, we took a kids-free 48 hour trip to L.A. This is a rare occurence for us. So we packed in as much sightseeing, walking, seafood-eating we normally couldn’t do with three young kids in tow.

One of our many stops was an “L.A. cool” outdoor thrift store event. As we entered this event, they handed us a neat branded shopping tote bag. So L.A., isn’t it?!

Even though we left without any thrifted goodies, I definitely knew I liked this thrift store tote too much to toss in my trunk with the rest of my reusable grocery bags! This is what I did with it instead…

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How To Make a Decorative Pillow from a Tote Bag

As much as I enjoy a good sewing project, NO SEW is even better!

– Tote bag
Pillow form (to fit the size of the tote bag)
– Zipper
– Straight pins
Fabric glue
Sewing craft clips (I used chip bag clips)

How to repurpose a tote bag into a DIY throw pillow for home decor.

how to make a no sew throw pillow from a tote bag

Insert a pillow form to fit the size of the tote bag. Be sure to get the pillow form into the four corners of the tote bag.

Insert a pillow form into a tote bag to make a DIY throw pillow for home decoration.

With the pillow form snug in the tote bag, now cut off the handle straps.

Pin one side of the zipper to the inside of the top of the tote bag.

Repeat the same pinning to the other side of the zipper.

Using Liquid Stitch fabric glue, remove a pin and apply the glue. When a small section has been glued, secure shut with a clip.

How to turn a tote bag into a throw pillow with a zipper and liquid stitch fabric glue.

Repeat this glueing and clipping process until your tote-bag-turned-pillow looks like this…

Use Liquid Stitch to make a no sew pillow from a tote bag.

easiest no sew throw pillow from a tote bag

Wait some time – maybe an hour – for the glue to dry. Remove the clips …unless you like this look!

And there you have the easiest NO SEW throw pillow from a tote bag.

Add some tassels and pom poms to the zipper if you need to dress up an otherwise simple tote bag.

Turn a thrift store "Artists and Fleas" tote bag from Venice Beach LA into a DIY home decor pillow.

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