INSIDE: How to make super easy and cute troll-inspired flip flops for kids. Fun mesh fabric craft for kids to make this summer.

DIY troll hair flip flops that kids can make in 3 easy and fast steps using mesh fabric and ribbon.

I think we all need to live like trolls. Now before you quickly close the window and think I’m totally loony, what I mean is this: trolls are colorful, full of wonder and always optimistic. Gawd knows I strive for this daily!

So when my daughter asked for a trolls-themed birthday party, complete with a showing of the Disney Trolls movie, we immediately got to making a slew of colorful rainbow troll-ish crafts, like this easy and cute troll hair flip flops.

Three fast steps later, you too can live like a troll!
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Easy and Cute Troll Inspired Flip Flops

This is a great and easy activity for older kids, especially if you prep the mesh fabric by cutting them into strips ahead of time. Get the kids set up with the supplies as you slowly back out of the room!

Flip flops
Mesh fabric cut in 1″ width x 10″ length strips (assorted colors)
– Ribbon

how to make cute mesh troll flip flops for kids

Wrap each mesh strip around the top of the flip flop. You can either knot each strip OR fold the strip in half and weave the ends through the center loop. I think kids find it easier to simply make a knot.
Tie mesh fabric strips around the top of kids flip flops to make colorful rainbow troll-inspired hair.

Continue adding mesh strips until you fill up the top half of the flip flop straps. Gather all the strips together and wrap them with a ribbon tie, like you would a pony tail. Trim the mesh fabric, if needed.
Fill up a kids flip flop with mesh fabric and tie with ribbon for DIY troll hair shoes inspired by Trolls movie.

make troll hair flip flops in 3 quick steps

If you kids love the movie Trolls, they will definitely love making these Poppy-inspired flip flops. Or, just make the flip flops for a colorful pop of summer fun!
DIY troll hair flip flops that kids can make in 3 easy and fast steps using mesh fabric and ribbon.
We all need more color, wonder and lots (and lots) of optimism in our lives. Like a troll!
Show off your troll style with DIY troll hair flip flops inspired by Poppy from movie Trolls. 3 step easy craft for kids to make this summer.

Trolls movie birthday party activity for kids

If you come to our house for a birthday party, you will go home with a craft …or two or three! Here are the birthday kiddos busy making their own trolls hair flip flops!

Dress like a Trolls with DIY troll hair flip flops for kids birthday party activity.

Host a trolls movie birthday party for kids with DIY troll hair flip flops.

Have a colorful and wondrous summer!

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