INSIDE: Use a vintage wooden folding ruler to make a DIY framed letter board. Turn a vintage yardstick into photo frame.

DIY message board letter board framed with vintage wooden folding ruler

Sometime, somewhere, I accumulated a vintage wooden folding ruler. All I know is that I’ve had this wooden yardstick in my sewing basket for a long time. To the point where it was starting to crack. Something DIY-ish had to be done. It was too cool to toss.

Fast forward to the other week, when on a recent buzz through a favorite store, I broke down and picked up a much-wanted letter board.

Here’s how I combined the two pieces together in, what I think, is a fun message board for the family.

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How to Make Vintage Letter Board for Home Decor

If mama’s verbal message can’t get through to the kids, a message board on the wall can.

– Folding wooden ruler (Can’t find a vintage one? Buy a knock-off here.)
Letter board or Large photo frame
– Screwdriver (flat head works best)
All-purpose epoxy glue
– Optional: Small saw tooth picture hook

How to decorate with vintage folding ruler

I got a wild hair to tackle this project in the hour before I had to run carpool duty! It came together rather quickly.

Repurpose vintage folding wooden ruler into DIY ruler-framed photo display

It was hard, figuratively speaking, to take apart this awesome vintage ruler but it wouldn’t fit the message board frame otherwise.

I pried the ruler apart at the hinges with a flat head screwdriver.

Take apart vintage wooden folding ruler with flat head screwdriver to make a DIY ruler-framed photo
Laying out the ruler onto the frame of the message board, it was secured with some all-purpose heavy duty glue.

And several impressionable-but-rarely-ever-read heavy duty books to ensure all things stuck.

Use heavy duty all-purpose glue to secure vintage wooden folding ruler onto photo frame

I left the excess ruler fold-up at the side of the frame.

how to make rustic vintage letter board for home

My boys are really into “army guys” so a great way to spread my daily mantra of “be kind” is to come up with some nifty message that (hopefully) gets through to them.

DIY message board letter board framed with vintage wooden folding ruler
How have you re-purposed some cool vintage find?

DIY vintage ruler message board using wooden folding ruler yardstick for retro home decor.

This store-bought letter board turned eclectic vintage home decoration is perfect for your Family Word of the Year project.

Give the family an energy focus for the new year by picking a family word of the year.

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