INSIDE: DIY cheap and easy 5-minute wrapping paper and tape gift for neighbors, teachers and friends with printable gift tags. 

Wrapping paper gift with printable Christmas and fun everyday gift tags
We’ve all been there. The holidays sneak up on us or we look at the calendar and suddenly remember a friend’s birthday. No sweat, I’ve got this all figured out for you.

What’s the one thing most folks can always use just a little bit more of? Wrapping paper. And tape.

Combine these two into one thoughtful and fun yet reasonably priced gift – with {free} printable tags – be it for Christmas or just any ole regular celebration.

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Easy and Cheap Holiday Wrapping Paper Gift + Free Gift Tags

You can usually find a sale on a roll of wrapping paper almost anywhere. However, the dollar store has lots of great options, for you guessed it, $1.

While there, grab a packet of tape and some ribbon. Thoughtful gift done.

– Roll of wrapping paper
Packet of clear package tape
– Ribbon
– Hole punch
– Printable gift tag (below)
Optional: Scrapbook paper

DIY wrapping paper gift idea for neighbors, friends, teachers with printable gift tags

How to give a roll of wrapping paper and tape with printable tags

You may download and print the gift tags for personal use. Link below.

Happy Thrifty Giving!

Download Wrapping Paper Gift Tags here


Wrapping paper gift with printable Christmas and fun everyday gift tags

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