INSIDE: Re-purpose Dollar Store green ribbon and shamrock headbands into easy and cheap DIY St. Patrick’s Day front door wreath decor.

How to use dollar store shamrock ribbon streamer headbands for DIY St. Patrick's Day wreath for Irish home decor

Want a good challenge? Stand in front of the seasonal holiday decorations and doh dads at your local dollar store. You may find yourself standing there for a good 10 minutes overwhelmed by all the things. Until you’ve realized your preschooler has gotten bored and wandered off to toys. #momoftheyear

So there I stood, perplexed by what dollar store item I could re-purpose, into some crafty St. Patrick’s Day decor. I already had a wreath form and the world’s largest ball of green yarn at home. These items were going to be my Irish crafting base as I sought to bring some good luck to my front door.

So what did I purchase? Two sparkly ribbon headbands with spring-coiled four leaf clovers. And here’s how these St. Patrick’s Day headbands were turned into a wreath…

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How to Make a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath from Shamrock Headbands

I’ve joined with some crafty friends for a monthly DIY-craft challenge. Each month will be a new theme. This month, we are focusing on Dollar Store crafts. Check out all of the ideas at the end of this post!

– Two (2) shamrock headband with ribbon streamers (Don’t have a dollar store near you? You can buy them here)
St. Patrick’s Day bandana
– Gold coines
– Green yard
– Hot glue gun
– Straight pins
DIY St. Patrick's Day front door wreath using green yarn and dollar store shamrock headbands

Make a St. Patrick’s Day Wreath with Cheap Shamrock Headbands

I had a great (albeit not-so-well-thought-out) idea to wrap the entire foam wreath form with the green yarn. Until I realized how time-consuming this would be. Scratch that.

Instead, I haphazardly covered the wreath with yarn, leaving much of the white foam exposed.

I pulled the ribbon off of the headbands. And somehow managed to twist and pulled the coiled shamrocks off as well. Plain green plastic headband = new project!
Use shamrock ribbon headbands for DIY St. Patrick's Day door wreath

I gathered the bandana in half and used a straight pin to secure it to the top of the foam wreath.

I then pinned the ribbon streamers on top of the bandana, also using straight pins. (You can just as easily use a hot glue gun to do this.)
Use straight pins to secure St. Patrick's Day bandana and ribbons to DIY wreath

diy dollar store cheap easy st. patrick’s day wreath

Pin (or glue) the shamrocks to the top of the wreath.
Dollar store shamrocks pinned to top of foam wreath for St. Patrick's Day decor

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without some good luck bling? Glue a handful of gold coins to the ribbons.
Easy and fast St. Patrick's Day decor using foam wreath, green yarn and dollar store shamrock ribbon headbands

Wreath me, I’m Irish!
How to use dollar store shamrock ribbon streamer headbands for DIY St. Patrick's Day wreath for Irish home decor

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