INSIDE:  How to turn an old dresser mirror frame into a frame for large wall art decor. How to upcycle an old dresser.

Years ago, we were given a gorgeous dresser from my husband’s sweet, late grandparents. This dresser came with a carved, detachable mirror. With no space to use the dresser mirror and frame, my husband wrapped these pieces in mover’s plastic wrap and hung them on the garage wall. Just like you’d hang a bike. Nice.

After years of seeing this old dresser frame hanging from a bike hook, we finally had a good excuse to take it down from the garage wall. I think grandma and grandpa would’ve been happy about this!

See how we re-purposed this old dresser frame into a piece of large format wall art…

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How to Make Large Wall Art from Old Dresser Mirror

Walk into any thrift store or neighborhood garage sale and you’ll most likely find some large frame, headboard or dresser top that you can just as easily re-purpose into an overscale piece of artwork as I have.

Here’s what I used to turn this dusty dresser frame into a wall frame:

– Sheet of foam core board (I used two pieces of foam core, tapped together)
Rubber cement or craft spray adhesive (Do not use a glue stick)
– Staple gun
– Sheet of plexiglass
– Box cutter knife
– Piece of artwork (We had a vacation photo printed large scale through at a great price!)

Use a dresser mirror frame as large wall art |

How to Make Easy Wall Art from Old Dresser Mirror

Depending on the size of your frame, you may have to tape two (or more) sheets of foam core board together.

We used packing tape to hold the sheets together.

How to use a large wooden antique frame as wall decor |

Working in sections, use rubber cement to secure the artwork to the foam core boards.

Start on the next project on your list as you wait for the rubber cement to hold!

Use rubber cement for DIY framed poster artwork on wall |

Keeping the plexiglass wrapped in plastic, gently use a box cutter to score the glass down to size.

Insert plexiglass into dresser mirror frame for easy DIY large wall artwork |

Insert the plexiglass into the frame followed by the artwork.

Use a staple gun to secure the foam core boards to the wooden frame.

What projects have your re-purposed or upcycled? Let me know in the comments!

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