INSIDE: How to make a Christmas holiday wreath with $2 plastic tablecloths from the dollar store. Fast, cheap Christmas decor for home.

Affordable Christmas wreath decoration using dollar store plastic tablecloth and pom poms.

You know those plastic tablecloths — the ones that are perfect for anything involving messy kids and can be tossed out for unbelievably easy and fast clean-up? Well, guess what?! I used these same cheap plastic party tablecloths for a Christmas wreath.

Yep, there are tablecloths on my front door. And it looks pretty good for a $2 investment from my local dollar store. Add a handful of festive pom poms and Ho! Ho! Ho! check one project off your crafty holiday To Do list!

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How to Make a Christmas Wreath with $2 Plastic Tablecloths

Don’t have a dollar store nearby? No worries! You can pick up those same plastic tablecloths here.

– Two green plastic tablecloths (I used two different shades of green)
Large red pom pom
– Assorted sizes of red, green and white pom poms
– Hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Styrofoam 16 wreath
Floral pins

Start by cutting long strips from a dark green plastic tablecloths. Use a floral pin to secure an end of the tablecloth to the wreath and wrap loosely around the wreath form.

Wrap styrofoam wreath with strips of green plastic tablecoths for DIY cheap Christmas poinsettia door wreath.

Once done with a one strip, insert the end of a second strip under the floral pin. Push down into the wreath to secure. Continue wrapping the tablecloth strips loosely around the wreath until complete.

Use floral pins to secure green plastic tablecloths for DIY Christmas poinsettia wreath.

Using a long strip from a second (lime green) plastic tablecloth, fold it on top of itself. Pin onto the wreath.

Use lime green plastic tablecloth for DIY oversized Christmas bow for cheap poinsettia door wreath.

Fluff out this “oversized bow” so that it looks full, spreading out the loops.

Oversized wreath bow from plastic tablecloths for DIY Christmas poinsettia door wreath.

how to make a poinsettia wreath with $2 plastic tablecloths

Hot glue a large red pom pom to the center of the tablecloth “poinsettia”.

Then arrange a handful of assorted sizes of red, green and white pom poms for added decoration.

Hot glue red, green and white Christmas pom poms to make a cheap $2 DIY Christmas poinsettia themed door wreath.

how to use a plastic tablecloth to make a christmas wreath

I think a couple bucks in plastic party tablecloths turned out pretty well, don’t you think?

Fun $2 plastic party tablecloth Christmas poinsettia wreath with pom poms.

These green plastic tablecloths were originally used at Halloween. Waste not!

Fun, easy and affordable jungle or safari-themed Halloween trunk or treat for school or church.

What have you re-purposed lately? Let me know in the comments.

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