INSIDE: How to turn a hardcover coffee table book into an easy photo frame. Fun gallery wall decor for home.

How to turn a hardcover coffee table photo book into a wall photo frame |

My house is in Round Two. No, I’m not talking about some neighborhood ‘dukes up’ action; I’m talking decor. The first go around involved painting walls and simply dropping furniture into a room. Now a couple years later, I’m revisiting each room and making it feel more like “us”.

It is in this second pass through each room that I came across a beach-y hardcover book tucked in tightly on a shelf. This coffee table book would be the perfect addition to the beach themed gallery wall I was putting together in our family room.

So grab a hardcover book and an exacto knife in order to turn any book into a neat wall frame. Like this…

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How To Hardcover Book for Easy Photo Frame

The older I get, the more I realize I don’t want my home to look like everyone else’s. I want it full of fun and interesting dust collectors knick knacks.

And this hardcover book turned picture frame fits the checklist!

– Hardcover book
– Ruler and pencil
Exacto knife
– Clear tape
– Craft twine
– Picture hook and super strong glue

How to turn a hardcover coffee table photo book into a wall photo frame |

how to decorate with old books

Determine how large of a frame you want on the front of the book.

Use a ruler to trace out a square or rectangular shape.

Use an exacto knife to cut through the book jacket, if your book has one.

If not, cut through the cardboard book cover.

My book had a solid green interior page. I used this page as a photo mat and cut it slightly smaller than the hardcover.

Repeat cutting through multiple pages of the book.

Tape a photograph big enough to fit within the shape you cut out of the book.

I printed out a photo, added some text in a photo editing software, and printed it out on my home printer.

Glue a picture hook to the back of the book. Let it dry.

How to turn a hardcover coffee table photo book into a wall photo frame |

If desired, wrap the book tightly in some decorative twine to help hold all the pages together.

Knot at the back of the book.

Hang and enjoy your totally unique wall frame!

What interesting things have you ever hung on the wall?!

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