INSIDE: How to use fabric scraps to make easy sew autumn fabric pumpkins. Easy sew autumn pumpkins for DIY fall home decor.

Use fabric scraps to make autumn fabric pumpkins |

Who says autumn decor must consist of a lot of orange? Or the traditional accents of green, maroon or brown? Let’s toss those expected autumn colors like a kid jumping in a nicely racked pile of leaves!

When one has a towering pile of fabric bits and pieces like I do, stuffed precariously in a basket, this is a great crafty project to use up some of those fabric scraps …so you have less guilt when you go out and get yourself more textile treasures! Here’s to autumn

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How to Make Cute Fall Fabric Scraps Pumpkins

Do you enjoy decorating for the various seasons but still want to keep with the colors within your home?

Buck the traditional orange (although it is one of my fave colors) and decorate for the season to match your personal style and decor.

– Fabric scraps (Don’t have any? Try fabric quarters instead.)
Embroidery floss (Check out these nifty embroidery needles)
– Sewing thread
– Assorted ribbons

how to make autumn pumpkins from fabric scraps

I successfully used up an assortment of scraps with this project, although I’d have to make several of these pumpkins for all my neighbors to make a dent in my tower of fabric!

Surprisingly, you need a very large circle to make a decent-sized pumpkin. I used a very large kitchen mixing bowl.

Friendly Note: 

Needless to say, my first attempt using a cereal bowl resulted in this teeny weeny [cute] pumpkin. Way too small for decor but my kids had a good time throwing it at one another!

Feel free to sew two pieces of fabric together to form one large piece to trace a circle shape onto. The seams will be hidden by the gathering and no one will ever know!


Enjoy your fun fall fabric pumpkins!

How to make autumn fabric pumpkins from fabric scraps.

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