INSIDE: How to plan a fun fairy garden themed birthday party for girls.

Want to earn your fairy wings today?

My 6 year old daughter, like so many girls her age, believes in the magic and wonder of fairies. (And princesses and happily ever after and all such sweet young girl things.) So what better what to spread some birthday pixie dust than with a Fairy Garden-themed party?

But tread lightly, there may be fairies about…

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Fairy garden girls birthday party

To be sure the fairies wanted to come and play, I hand created toadstool invitations with the birthday invite message revealed once the fairy door opened.
How to create a fairy garden birthday party
Soon, a flurry of little girls in fairy wings and donning flower wreaths on their heads were busy creating their own magical fairy gardens. Each girl was given a deep plastic saucer filled with potting soil. They then painted wooden fairy houses and selected from a variety of fairy garden accessories – rock painted ladybugs, pine cones, seashells, toadstools, glass beads – to create their own gardens. Once their gardens were set, they planted some vincas.
Create a fairy garden theme birthday party

Fairy Garden girls birthday lunch

Birthdays are special, especially when one is turning 6 years old! The girls were treated to an individually boxed lunch of Fairy Bread (a must-have at birthday parties in Australia), fairy fruit wands and a bag of veggies designed to look like a butterfly.

The tablescape was set with fresh flowers and large DIY toadstools, flower placemats with individual name cards, and oversized flowers and fairies hanging from the chandelier.
Create a fairy garden theme birthday party

DIY Fairy Garden pull string pinata

Pinatas are a birthday party staple but for my fairy friends, we kept it a little more refined and had a pull string pinata. The girls all took turns pulling ribbons until one of them pulled the trigger ribbon and the goodies spilled out.
How to create a fairy garden themed birthday party
Thrifty yet fun, simple yet sweet was this Fairy Garden Birthday Party!
How dreary the world would be if there were no fairies?

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