INSIDE: A collection of 10 unique and creative outdoor fall door wreaths to make for DIY autumn home decorating.

Outdoor Fall Door Wreath Roundup

Anyone ready for some cooler weather? Is it time to pack away the flip flops in exchange for jeans and boots? Even if the weather isn’t quite as crisp as you’d like (hello Arizona!), at least you can bring out the fall colors and decorate as though the leaves are falling off the trees!

I’ve gathered 10 really fun and creative fall wreath ideas to help you start thinking in terms of oranges and greens and browns. Pull out the glue and floral wire, and get ready to Do-It-Yourself an outdoor fall door wreaths!

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10 Unique, Creative Outdoor Fall Door Wreaths

Wreaths are so much fun and add the perfect welcoming touch to your door. And in my opinion, the more whimsy and eclectic, the better! Here’s to finding some new and great ideas for your home.

Wreath Idea #1:
Courtesy of my home country Canada, maple leaves glued onto a wire coat hanger.

Source: Recycle, Eh

Wreath Idea #2:
Use weathered, everyday items as your wreath base and add a few seasonal touches.
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: Organized Clutter

Wreath Idea #3:
Wood scraps, glued together, form a super unique weather-proof wreath.
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: HGTV

Wreath Idea #4:
Take clothespins, painted in fall-like colors or left natural, to create a wreath. Pretty clippy!
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: Heather’s Pages

Wreath Idea #5:
Sticks found throughout your yard formed into a cute, weather-proof fall wreath adorned with cute fabric flowers.
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: Yellow Mums

Wreath Idea #6:
Can you believe this wreath is made from pool noodles? Love the square shape!
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: A Home To Grow Old In 

Wreath Idea #7:
Use faux copper and felt leaves to make a colorful fall wreath.
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: Dreaming In DIY

Wreath Idea #8:
Felt and wood “Welcome” sign.
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: Ella Bella Designs

Wreath Idea #9:
Paint and Mod Podge on wood shims makes for a fun starburst wreath.
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: Tattered and Inked

Wreath Idea #10:
Add a touch of autumn to a summery wreath with a mini pumpkin wire garland.
Outdoor Fall Door Wreath RoundupSource: DazzleWhileFrazzled


Outdoor Fall Door Wreath Roundup


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