INSIDE: How to make a fun and colorful farmhouse pumpkin table runner with fabric scraps for a Thanksgiving table.

Get a colorful farmhouse Thanksgiving table with DIY fabric scraps pumpkin-shaped table runner.

That famous leaning tower is not a plane ride away. It can be found in my craft room! I am a sucker for accepting hand-me-down fabrics, buying remnants on sale and basically never throwing anything away. Thus, my leaning tower of fabric!

And a crafty way of making a dent in this self-made tower of mine is with a scrappy table runner. Fabric scraps, that is.

Turn those extra pieces into a farmhouse-inspired pumpkin table runner. Ideal for an autumn Thanksgiving table near you!

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How to Make Fun Farmhouse Pumpkin Table Runner

This easy fall craft can be done with a sewing machine or the best thing ever, fabric glue.


– Assorted fabric pieces (or use fat quarters instead)
– Muslin fabric or drop cloth
– Sewing machine
– Fabric glue or hot glue gun
Grosgrain ribbons

How to Make Easy Colorful Fabric Pumpkin Table Runner

Find a basic pumpkin shape online and use the shape as your template. Pin the template to your fabrics and cut out. I made a total of seven large pumpkins for the length of my dining table.

Trace a pumpkin shape onto fabric scraps for DIY pumpkin table runner.

Pin these scrappy pumpkins on top of muslin or drop cloth. I used them as a template to cut a larger pumpkin shape around it.

Pin fabric pumpkins onto muslin or drop cloth for a layered farmhouse-inspired autumn table runner.

I used a corresponding fabric to cut rectangles, approximately 3×4” in size.

Roll them into a cigar-like shapes to use as pumpkin stems. Pin the stem in between the fabric scrap pumpkin and the muslin.

Use assorted fabric scraps or fat quarters to make a farmhouse-inspired autumn pumpkin table runner.

I sewed fabric scrap pumpkin on top of the muslin pumpkin but you can just as easily use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to secure the two fabric pumpkins and stem together.

How to Re-purpose Fabric Scraps for Table Runner

Lay the pumpkins side by side in a row. Use glue to overlap them and secure them together.

Add a few fabric leaves and adhere them to the top of the pumpkins.

Make colorful fabric pumpkins for farmhouse-inspired Thanksgiving table runner.

Add small strips of grosgrain ribbon near the pumpkin stem for additional pumpkin detail.

Set your Thanksgiving table with farmhouse-inspired fabric pumpkin table runner using fabric scraps and grosgrain ribbon.

Lay this pumpkin runner on your table to enjoy throughout the pumpkin spice season!

Get a colorful farmhouse Thanksgiving table with DIY fabric scraps pumpkin-shaped table runner.

Still got fabric scraps? Use them to make cute fabric scrap pumpkins!

How to make autumn fabric pumpkins |

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