INSIDE: How to make colorful felt tabletop Christmas trees. Modern Christmas tree decor for home.

Fun and colorful felt craft Christmas tabletop trees for holiday home decor.

I am slowly phasing out all things red and green from my Christmas decor. It’s nothing personal against those traditional holiday colors; it was just time for a change.

And with anything new comes the inevitable trip to the craft store. For felt. Many, many sheets of jolly and cheerful felt.

So fire up your glue gun to craft some bright and colorful tabletop Christmas trees. Because who says Christmas can’t be teal and pink!

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How to Make Colorful Felt Table Top Christmas Trees

This is a great project to do with a Netflix show running in the background. It’s a lot of cutting and gluing; the perfect way to mindlessly wind up the holiday season.


Assorted sheets of craft felt
Styrofoam cones
– Craft scissors and ruler
Hot glue gun

How to Make Fun Handmade Christmas Tabletop Trees

Cut 1″ strips in the felt width-wise.

Start at the bottom and wrap the felt around the cone. Overlap the pieces and secure the ends with hot glue.

Cut 1" strips from felt and cover styrofoam cone with felt strips for DIY tabletop Christmas trees.

Cover the tip of the cone with a flat piece of felt. Continue wrapping the cone with felt strips and cover its edges.

Cover a styrofoam cone with strips of felt for easy and fun handmade Christmas tabletop trees.

How to Create a Modern Colorful Christmas Mantel

Create a variety of these colorful tabletop Christmas trees for a fun and modern mantel. Perfect for the Big Guy himself.

Fun and colorful felt craft Christmas tabletop trees for holiday home decor.

Pair these felt holiday tabletop trees with paper fans and colorful mini baubles.

Make a modern and colorful Christmas mantel with DIY felt Christmas tabletop trees, mini Christmas tree baubles and paper fans.

Have a modernly colorful holiday season!

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