INSIDE: How to get the kids to do a Christmas toy declutter with printable note from Santa. Teach kids to give to the less fortunate.

Free personalized note from Santa or Elf on the Shelf to get kids to do a pre-Christmas toy declutter.

Starting December 1st, I go from a mom of three to a mother of four. And it’s all because of “Sammy”. You know, the Elf on the Shelf character, that arrives in a (messy) flurry of fake snow, month-long goofy antics and lots of stumbling around in the dark by a mom or dad awoken in a panic that they forgot to move this little guy.

Needless to say, Sammy brings a lot of fun to our home.

2018 Update: I must’ve had too much eggnog because in addition to Sammy, we’ve added “Ginger” and now their reindeer sidekick. #whatamithinking

Goofiness aside, he can also do a lot of good. Like bringing with him a note from the Big Guy in Red to get the kids to do a pre-Christmas toy clean out to donate those toys to other children in need.

So heat up your printer and make some early Christmas room in your home…

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How to Toy Declutter with Free Printable Santa Note

To my surprise, the kiddos met this request with great enthusiasm. I’m sure the thought of new stuff was a motivator but getting a personalized note from Santa can certainly make a (small) dent in their play room!

Since everything in December revolves around this silly Elf on the Shelf character, it only made sense that Sammy returned from his magical nightly visit to the North Pole with a personalized note from Santa.

how to teach the kids to declutter toys

Elf on the Shelf brings note from Santa to kids to do a pre-Christmas toy clean out

Those kids filled that donation bag almost too quickly – and with some items that mom later rescued – but they enthusiastically rose to the challenge of giving to those less fortunate. And isn’t that what the season is all about?

how to get kids to donate their toys

Download to print out at home. Link below. For personal use only.
Get the kids to learn to give to the less fortunate with a pre-Christmas toy clean out decluttering.

Note from Santa for pre-Christmas toy clean out

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