INSIDE: How to make wildly cute jungle-themed Halloween trunk or treat. Easy DIY affordable trunk or treat car idea.

Fun, easy and affordable jungle or safari-themed Halloween trunk or treat for school or church.

As you know from my past Halloween posts, I don’t do Halloween spooky and scary. So when I signed our family up to host a trunk for the school’s Trunk or Treat party, I vowed not to do anything ghoulish and ghastly.

So I opted for something wildly cute instead! A jungle-themed Halloween trunk or treat for the good ole reliable minivan.

Using plastic tablecloths, construction paper and a few stuffed monkeys, I brought the jungles of Africa to a trunk in Arizona.

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How to Make Cute Halloween Car Jungle-Themed Trunk

This was a wildly fun project that took a couple of days to put together!

Spring tension curtain rod
Green plastic tablecloths
Tropical leaf cutouts
– Assorted construction paper
– Brown grocery bags or butcher paper
– Tropical flowers
Hanging monkey stuffed animal

Measure the length of your trunk and ensure the tension curtain rod fits snugly.

Lay the green plastic tablecloths out on the floor and cut out long strips. Then cut these strips in half.

Tie the strips onto the curtain rod until you create a solid backdrop.

Cut strips from plastic tablecloths to make jungle backdrop for Halloween trunk or treat.

Cut long strips from the butcher paper and twist to create “vines”. You can easily do the same with a brown paper grocery bag.

Staple tropical leafs onto the vines and drape over the curtain rod.

Use butcher paper to make jungle vines and staple tropical leaf cutouts for easy, fast jungle-themed Halloween trunk or treat.

Hang tropical flowers onto the backdrop. I added a few butterfly decorations I had.

Add butterflies, tropical leaves, snakes and monkeys to DIY jungle-themed Halloween trunk or treat for minivan.

How to Make Wild Jungle or Safari Car Trunk or Treat

I constructed a couple super easy construction paper snakes. I cut strips and made a paper chain for the snake’s body and cut out a simple snake head shape. These snakes were also draped over the backdrop.

Hang a couple lightweight stuffed monkeys to complete your jungle trunk or treat car.

DIY jungle or safari-themed trunk or treat idea for Halloween.

Extra! Jungle Trunk or Treat Ideas

I wrapped a few boxes in butcher paper and painted “Beware of Animals” and “Do Not Open Til Halloween”. I tied them with rope I found in the garage.

I made some super easy palm trees using green poster board for leaves and cardboard tubes (from wrapping paper) as the tree trunks.

I covered our candy basket with some leopard faux fur fabric.

Fun, easy and affordable jungle or safari-themed Halloween trunk or treat for school or church.

And don’t forget to dress up in jungle theme as well!

More Plastic Tablecloth Crafts

Once Halloween was in the books, this is what I did with all those green plastic tablecloth strips!

Make a pretty fake flower head spring blossoms wreath for springtime home decor.

Easy and festive Christmas plastic tablecloth and pom pom wreath.

Affordable Christmas wreath decoration using dollar store plastic tablecloth and pom poms.


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