INSIDE: How to turn thrift store metal plate charger into a DIY chalkboard sign to welcome guests.

Make a Christmas chalkboard plate charger to use as a Christmas door hanger or as Christmas home decor |

Have you ever found your spouse on a sudden and manic clean-out-the-garage mission? The kind of serious business where the garage belongings are now sitting pretty on the driveway, your secret stashes and clutter exposed for the entire neighborhood to enjoy? As he emerges from the swirls of garage dust, I’m greeted with a no-messing-around, “Why are we holding onto this thing?”

This thing refers to a metal plate charger. An inherited item from a late aunt. It’s always hard to get rid of items that belonged to a beloved family member, which is why this plate charger was buried in a pile of I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-this-but-I-can’t-get-rid-of-it.

With this plate charger now thrust in my hands, I set about giving this garage “trash” a treasured new life…

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How to Make Easy Plate Charger Chalkboard Christmas Sign

Ironically, this is the second “treasure” from this beloved aunt that I have re-purposed. Learn how I turned an old, scratched up brownie pan into a wall frame.

– Decorative metal plate charger (Here’s something similar to what I used)
– Chalkboard paint + brush (Did you know there’s chalkboard spray paint?)
– Piece of kids chalk

Vintage-Inspired Fabric Flowers
– Holiday-inspired fabric scraps (or use fabric fat quarters)
– Craft scissors + straight pins
– Black sewing thread
– Sewing machine (Here’s a basic machine to get you started)
– Hot glue gun
Optional: Wall hook + heavy duty glue (I really like to use this brand of glue)

Make a holiday chalkboard plate charger |

How to Turn Plate Charger Into Christmas Chalkboard Sign

Give the plate (several) coats of chalkboard paint. Let dry in between layers.

Make a holiday chalkboard plate charger |

While the paint dries, create a basic flower petal template. Double up the fabric, pin the template to the fabric and cut.

Essentially, you should have 10 individual flower petals, or FIVE pairs.

Make a holiday chalkboard plate charger |

If desired, sew the petals together. I used black thread to an eye-popping contrast against the fabric.

I sewed two very casual outlines of each individual petal. Repeat this for the individual petals.

Don’t want to mess around with the sewing machine? Use fabric glue or the hot glue gun instead.

Arrange the five petals to form a flower shape. Use the hot glue gun to secure the petals together.

Make a holiday chalkboard plate charger |
To form the middle of the flower, follow this easy DIY rolled fabric flower tutorial.

how to make a christmas door hanger

Arrange and glue the fabric flowers to the holiday chalkboard plate charger.

Add a festive “Merry Welcome” message to the middle of the plate.

Hang with a ribbon (by gluing a wall hook to the back of the plate charger) or display on a picture easel.

Make a Christmas chalkboard plate charger to use as a Christmas door hanger or as Christmas home decor |

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