INSIDE: How to host a fun play date at your house. No-screen activities and games for girls for play dates, birthday parties and sleepovers.

How to host a no screen time play date, birthday party and sleepovers for fun craft activities for girls.

Once upon a time, we hosted a play date where my daughter and her friend spent all their time walking from room to room looking for things to do. They even uttered the dreaded phrase, ‘We’re bored’.

When they finally settled on an activity, the friend’s mother was at our door ready to take her home. The play date was over with nothing accomplished other than wearing a tread in my wood floors!

Don’t let this be your next play date! Here are 10 awesome NO SCREEN activities for girls when the phrase ‘Can I have a play date?‘ is posed.

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10 Fun No Screen Activities for Girls Play Dates

Does your daughter love to have play dates? Is she already planning the next friend play date before the one she’s having is even over? Yes and Yes!

Got bored boys? 10 NO SCREEN play date craft activities to keep boys busy!

Here are 10 awesomely fun keep busy activities and ideas for elementary and middle school girls.

DIY Spa Products
Nothing says successful play date than DIY bath bombs and lip gloss!

DIY bath bomb and soap making kit for play date, birthday party, sleepover activities for girls.
Create Your Own Soap and Bath Bombs Science Lab

Clay Jewelry Dish Craft Kits
It’s always fun to leave a play date with a cute take-home gift!

Cute DIY jewelry trinket dish for girls play dates, birthday parties and sleepover activities.

DIY Clay Jewelry Trinket Dish

Easy Sewing Craft Kits
Introduce the kids to beginner sewing skills.

Cute mini emoji plushies sewing kits for kids play dates, birthday parties and sleepovers.

Easy Sew and Stuff Plushies

DIY Rock Painting Craft Kit
Spread love and kindness with DIY rock painting kits.

Keep kids busy and off screens with DIY rock painting craft kit.
Rock Painting Craft Kit

Believe in Fairy Magic
Bring on the fairy magic with DIY Fairy Lantern kits for kids.

Sweet DIY fairy lantern craft kit for kids play dates, birthday parties and sleepovers.

DIY Fairy Lantern Craft Kits

Have the Best No Screen Play Dates for Girls

Garden Crafting
Make cute outdoor garden decor like wind chimes and DIY stepping stones.

Fun DIY wind chimes painting craft kit for kids play dates, birthday parties and sleepovers.
Wind Chimes Painting Kit

Flower Pressed Botanical Craft Kits
Perfect for springtime playtime!

Pretty pressed flower art kit for kids playtime, birthday parties and sleepovers.

Pressed Flower Art Craft Kits

Retro String Art Craft Kits
No supervision is required for these DIY string art craft kits.

DIY string art craft kits for kids play dates, birthday parties and sleepovers.

String Art Craft Kits

Stay Warm, Cozy and Busy
Snuggle up and get cozy with DIY quilting kits.

Snuggle up and get cozy with DIY knot a quilt craft kit for kids play dates, birthday parties and sleepovers.

Knot-a-Quilt Crafting Kit

Charm Bracelet-Jewelry Kits
Nothing says creativity than making your own jewelry!

Make your own jewelry kits are perfect for kids play dates, birthday party activities and sleepovers.DIY Jewelry Making Kits

No more dreading the home play date. When in doubt, pull out a craft kit and encourage non-screen time creativity!

How to Make a Kids Crafts-Game-Study Table.

Fun orb ottoman poufs from Kenwood Furnishings, perfect for DIY schoolhouse kids crafts and games table.

Turn a closet into a Kids Reading Nook!

Get the kids reading with cute comfy DIY reading nook in corner of empty closet.

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