INSIDE: How to make an initial wooden bag charm with washi tape. Easy purse, school bag and backpack monogram tag.

Make a cute washi tape initial letter school bag charm.

Do you love washi tape? My daughter and I have a slight obsession with it. We have used washi tape to tape school schedules to the wall, transformed shoe boxes into pretty storage systems, and have even used it to outline a rather dull cabinet.

This crafty project ’round, we wanted to create a monogram bag tag. Covered in washi tape, of course!

Whether it’s a 40-something’s overstuffed purse or a nine year old’s school backpack, decorate a wooden letter to hang off your everyday bag to transform the ordinary into something whimsical and personalized.

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How To Make an Initial Bag Charm with Washi Tape

You really can’t mess up too badly when working with washi tape. They are removable and usually don’t damage the item they are being applied to. So if you mess up, peel it off and reapply it. How great is that, you crafty genius you?

Wooden initial letter
– Washi tape (I used this cute 10-pack of unicorn and mermaid designs)
– Scissors and/or exacto knife
Drill + small drill bit
– Braiding cord, twine or thin ribbon

How to make a DIY wooden letter initial bag or purse charm with washi tape.

how to make DIY wooden letter bag charm

Hopefully your initial won’t have so many curves as this ‘S’ does! Warning: patience may be required.

I started by outlining the side of the letter, allowing the extra to wrap onto the front and back of the letter.

TIP: If your letter is also curvy, it helps to apply the washi tape in smaller sections or cut small slits into the washi tape so it bends more easily.

Outline a small wooden letter with washi tape for a DIY purse or backpack tag.

Since this initial charm was going on my daughter’s school backpack, she chose a variety of different tapes.

Because this 10-pack of washi tape features mermaid, unicorn, waves, shells and rainbows, there were just too many whisical options to choose from!

Use washi tape to cover a small initial letter for a DIY backpack or purse charm. Great back to school craft for kids!

I used a combination of scissors and an exacto knife to trim the excess washi tape.

Remember to use a solid surface, like a crafting mat, when using an exacto knife.

how to turn a wooden letter into a bag charm

Using a small drill bit, gently drill a hole through the wooden letter.

You may have to readjust and re-secure the washi tape after this process.

Drill a hole with small drill bit through wooden letter for DIY initial purse, bag or backpack charm.

Insert braiding cord (or any thin ribbon or twine) and knot to hang.

Insert braiding cord into wooden letter covered with washi tapes to hang onto a purse or kids school bag.

make a bag charm with wooden letter and fun washi tapes

Cute, personalized and something that will (fingers crossed) not have mom searching the school’s Lost and Found!

DIY letter monogram for your purse, school bag or as DIY gifts for teacher appreciation and friends.

These washi tapes we used for this project came in a pack of 10, with a total of 100′ between them. So many projects still to do!

What have you made with washi tapes?

Make a cute washi tape initial letter school bag charm.

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