INSIDE: How to easily host a kids half birthday party at home in your backyard with lots of fun DIY birthday party ideas.

How to host a half birthday part in half the time

We had a birthday party in our house the other day. No, it has not been an entire calendar year since the last birthday. And no, we are not turning a whole number older.

This was a celebration to mark the fact that it’s been a total of six months since we turned a new age. And because it’s been a half year since my little guy turned 4.0, we just had to celebrate his turning 4.5!

I mean, who can’t use half of a birthday party mid-way through the year? Here’s how to throw a half birthday in 1/2 the time but with all 100% of whole fun!

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How to Easily Host a Kids Half Birthday Party

I love myself a theme! A theme makes it so much easier to brainstorm and create around. It controls the creative chaos that would definitely ensure if I was given free [birthday] rein! So given the nature of this party – “halfsies” – I played up the 1/2 theme all the way from decor to activities to yummy treats.

With the exception of purchasing some store-bought cake mix, this party was put together with materials I had at home…in half the time.

How to Host a Fun Kids Half Birthday Party in 1/2 the Time!

I created a simple “Happy 1/2!” banner from birthday scrapbook cardstock and craft twine.

I used this to decorate the party table. I complimented this half birthday banner with a 1/2 plastic table covering.

How to throw a half birthday party in half the time
Half Party Hats
I saved a few yogurt cups in the days leading up to this par-tay in order to make my Half Party Hats. See how I made them here!

How to throw a half birthday party in half the time

How to Throw Half Birthday Party Celebration for Kids

I’m a fan of children birthday parties that have activities. And hosting a half party in my backyard is no exception!

Create 1/2 a Masterpiece
What easier activity is there for kids than arts-n-crafts?

Create a simple faux frame out of scrapbook paper and insert half of a blank canvas. Let the half party-goers went to town by creating a 1/2 masterpiece.

It might have been half the creative work, but it was still 100% the fun!

How to host a half birthday party in half the time
Half Hopscotch
Burn some [half] birthday energy with a game of 1/2 Hopscotch made with sidewalk chalk!

How to throw a half birthday party in half the time
Half Cupcakes
What birthday isn’t complete with at least some yummy treat, even if it’s merely half the size? We capped off this half-of-an-event with some 1/2 cupcakes served on half paper plates.

How to throw a half birthday party in half the time
Whether it’s been a full-blown year or just a mere six months, why not throw a half birthday party just because?! There’s always a good reason for some [half] cupcakes and some [1/2] hats!

More DIY Birthday Party Ideas:

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