INSIDE: How to make a kids wall-mounted magnetic board from decorative metal tray using paint and fabric. DIY kids bedroom decor.

I have three young kids so I naturally have the number 3 floating around in my brain at all times. So when I stumbled upon three metal trays in the clearance section, I knew it was a sign from the decor gods. I awkwardly loaded these over-sized decorative trays, reduced to $5 each, into my cart and hauled them home.

The odds of finding three identical trays in a discount home goods store is always a long shot so I relished my decorating karma by hauling out paint, fabric and hot glue gun. Because these metal trays would quickly become brag zones for my kids to display artwork, certificates, ribbons, photos and whatever else kids under age 10 find important enough to hang up for all to see!

From their lonely perch on a clearance shelf to functional decor, here’s how a decorative metal tray can be transformed into a wall-mounted magnet board…

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How to Make Magnet Board from a $5 Metal Tray

Metal Serving Tray
– Paint (I used latex paint from a previous home project.)
– Fabric
– Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Picture Hanging Wire
– Screw
Turn a metal tray into a wall mounted fabric covered magnet board for kids room.

diy easy wall magnet board with paint and fabric

I painted the inside and outside rim of the metal tray with several coats of latex paint. (You could just as easily do this with spray paint.) I did not paint the base of the tray since I was going to cover it up with fabric.
Paint the sides of a metal tray to make a DIY magnet board.
Use the base of the tray to make a template out of grocery bags or printer paper. Use this template to cut out fabric to then hot glue onto the base of the metal tray.
Cover the bottom of a metal tray with fabric and hot glue to make a DIY fabric-covered wall-mounted magnet board.

Once the fabric is on, glue on some ribbon or trim to cover up the fabric’s raw edges. Don’t have a hot glue gun? Do all this with fabric glue instead.
Use trim or ribbon to cover up raw edge of fabric covered magnet board for a kids bedroom wall.

diy wall mounted magnet board for kids rooms

I tried a variety of ways to hang these metal trays onto the wall, including using Command Strips.

After much trial-n-error (and a very loud crash in the middle of the night), I had my trusty handyman (aka: husband) drill a couple of holes at the top of the tray. We strung some picture hanging wire between two screws and hung it up like you would a frame on the wall…

Drill holes through a metal serving tray to make a DIY wall-mounted magnet board for a kids room.

…Or in this case, a super handy way to display kids constantly revolving artwork, ribbons, notes and all those other oh-so important items to a little kid!
Display kids artwork and keepsakes with DIY fabric-covered magnet board made from metal serving tray.

easy diy magnet board to organize kids artwork

What are your tricks for organizing kids artwork, or even displaying your bits of papers, photos and reminders?

Repurpose an old serving tray into a painted and fabric-covered magnet board for a kids bedroom.

Remember I said I work in three’s? Here’s my daughter’s magnet board version! (She cleaned hers off for this photo, LOL! It’s typically littered with her important keepsakes.)
Decorate a kids bedroom with DIY magnet board from re-purposed metal serving tray.


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