INSIDE: How to hide laundry hookups with an easy fabric cork board. How to make fabric-covered cork board for home.

How to hide unsightly laundry room hookups with DIY cork board

We all have a universal problem. Those of us that do the bulk of the laundry, that is. When standing in front of those machines for way too many hours of our lives, we have to stare at unsightly, usually lint-covered, laundry hookups.

I don’t know about you but doing laundry is up there with grocery shopping with three young kids at snack time. Not a fan. So give yourself a more pleasant view when standing in front of those machines…all the time…and hide the laundry hookups. With a DIY fabric-covered cork board.

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How to Hide Laundry Hookups with DIY Cork Board

With an active group of folks in my home-based fan club, I feel like the laundry room is the most popular room in the house.

And go figure, it’s like the smallest room. I spend a lot of time in there, pushing buttons on machines and hoping those mysterious stains will wash themselves gone. So let’s make this constant chore less of a bore!

– lightweight plywood cut to length of machines
adhesive cork board tiles (check out these fun push pins!)
– fabric
staple gun + staples (because you can never be too safe!)

diy fabric covered cork board for laundry room

Laundry is Never-Ending Step #1:
Measure the area behind the laundry machines, assuming they are side-by-side.

Cut the plywood board to fit this size. Cover the board with adhesive cork board tiles.

DIY Fabric Cork Board to Hide Laundry Hookups |

The Missing Sock Saga Step #2:
Give your fabric a quick press with the iron to smooth out any wrinkles. Once ready, lay fabric with print side down and place board – with cork tiles facing down – on top of it.

Cut off excess fabric, giving yourself enough to comfortably wrap around to back of board.

Begin to staple the fabric. I like to start in the middle and work out.

DIY Fabric Cork Board to Hide Laundry Hookups |
Get The Dirt Here Step #3:
Just for kicks, I added a coordinating strip of fabric to the covered cork board.

I sewed some simple pleats in it and stapled it to the back about 9″ from each end.

DIY Fabric Cork Board to Hide Laundry Hookups |
Additionally, I added some pleated fabric to the bottom of the board.

DIY Fabric Cork Board to Hide Laundry Hookups |

how to hang the fabric cork board in the laundry room

Assuming you have cabinets over your laundry machines…

Insert a hook into the fabric cork board, in the top corner on both sides.

You will also insert a hook into the bottom of the overhead cabinets.

And in universal DIY language: measure twice, drill once.

DIY Fabric Cork Board to Hide Laundry Hookups |
So from staring at unsightly, lint-covered laundry hookups to now a fabric-covered cork board, laundry is [kinda, sorta] more enjoyable!

Install a DIY fabric-covered cork board in laundry room to hide laundry hook ups

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