INSIDE: How to make an easy fabric felt liner for a plastic milk crate rolling cart to hide – and secure – your stuff.

DIY Liner for Plastic Milk Crate |

My sister is a travelling school therapist. She carts her therapy materials from her car to a classroom, and does this at several schools.

After experimenting with various “transportation” ideas, she settled on a milk crate on a rolling cart as her luggage of choice. This rolling cart was both practical and handy but not at all pretty. Not only did her stuff show through the milk crate but items would fall through the openings.

The solution was to create a milk crate liner. See how we did it. So-o-o easy….

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How To Make Easy Felt Liner for a Plastic Milk Crate

So this is probably not Pinterest’s most interestingly pretty DIY project! But it’s pretty practical. You still get great organization and storage while being able to hide all your stuff thanks to a DIY liner for a plastic milk crate rolling cart.

Plastic milk crate
– Decorative fabric (we used decorative felt sheets)
– Sewing machine (Don’t want to sew? Use Heat-n-Bond fusible tape instead)
Adhesive Velcro

how to make a fast, easy sew milk crate liner

Measure the height and width of your crate. Figure out how much fabric you need.

With measurements in hand, sew your fabric.

Since we were using felt sheets, we sewed each sheet together to form one long strip the width of the crate. Easier yet, buy one solid piece of fabric!

Add a hem to fit the crate’s height.

Milk Crate Fabric Liner DIY
Add adhesive Velcro to the inside of the milk crate.

Add the opposite part of the adhesive Velcro to the outside of the fabric.

Insert your liner into the crate. Voila!

Milk Crate Fabric Liner DIY

How do you roll?

DIY Liner for Plastic Milk Crate |

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