INSIDE: Make a kids love volcano card box holder for Valentine’s Day with clean, repurposed milk jug. Easy card holder for kids Valentine’s.

Easy and cute! Kids lava of love volcano Valentine's Day card box holder.

My little guy loves all things volcano! Maybe it’s the explosion of fiery rock but like most boys, anything that goes ‘boom’ is the best. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, who says there can’t be active {love} volcanoes?!

Turn a plastic milk jug into an overflowing lava of love by creating a volcano Valentine’s Day card box. Surprisingly easier to make than it sounds, you are both reusing and repurposing while fueling your kid’s geology interests!

I love seeing all the kids walking into school with their homemade Valentine’s Day card boxes. Add this exploding volcano of hearts to the mix!!

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How to Make Love Volcano Valentine’s Day Card Box

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– Gallon plastic milk jug
– Brown paper bag
Pipe cleaners
– Tacky craft glue + clear tape
– Scrapbook paper
Heart stickers

make a volcano valentine’s day card holder from milk jug

Start by cutting an opening in the top of a (clean, of course) plastic milk jug.

Reuse gallon plastic milk jug to make DIY kids volcano Valentine's Day card box.

Cut down the side of a brown paper lunch bag to give you two sections.

Cover the sides of the milk jug with the brown paper bag, securing with tape or glue on the inside of the jug.

Cut down sides of brown paper lunch bag and cover plastic milk jug to make kids volcano Valentine's Day card box holder.

Leave the handle free for easy carrying.

Cover plastic milk jug with brown paper lunch bags to make kids volcano Valentine's Day card holder for classrom Valentine exchange.

Use yellow scrapbook paper to cut out “lava”.

Use yellow scrapbook construction paper to make lava for kids volcano Valentine's Day card box holder.

Repeat the lava-making with orange scrapbook paper. Use some decorative edge scissors, optional.

Cut out heart shapes from scrapbook paper (or use large heart stickers) to cover the volcano.

Cover sides of brown paper volcano with heart stickers or scrapbook paper heart cutouts for DIY kids Valentine's Day volcano card box holder.

turn a milk jug into kids valentine’s day card box

Add some pipe cleaners to the side of the volcano, securing on the inside of the milk jug.

Friendly Tip: Wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil to get a fun curly que!

Add pipe cleaner to sides of brown paper bag volcano kids Valentine's Day card box holder.

Put kids Valentine's cards from classroom exchange in DIY brown paper bag milk jug volcano Valentine's Day card box holder.

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