INSIDE: Use pony beads to make a homemade DIY Mother’s Day melted bead bowl, perfect to make into a gift basket for mom, grandma.

Melted Bead Bowl for Mother's Day Gift

May = Mother’s Day. And it’s quickly approaching. If your mom is anything like my mother, she prefers homemade gifts on this holiday. I can still hear her telling a much younger me that she doesn’t want store-bought cards but our construction paper, hand drawn, cut and paste creations. Fast forward many years later, and here I am, echoing my mom’s words with my three kids. What do they say about becoming your mother?!

Honor the Day of Mom with a very easy, very thrifty, very pretty DIY melted bead bowl. It’s also very science experiment-y if you want to get the kids involved. Let’s start beading…

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How to Make Easy DIY Mother’s Day Melted Bead Bowl

The ‘blogosphere’ is full of various melted bowl tutorials. I found my How To on this site. However, here is the Cliff Notes version for you:


– Beads (I used these)
– Oven Proof Bowl (I used this)
– Cooking Spray

how To Make a Melted Bead Bowl:

1. Spray the bowl with the cooking spray.

2. Arrange your pony beads. You can place the beads individually or dump them in and push them to the bottom and sides of the oven proof bowl.

The cooking spray makes them stick to the inside of the bowl.

Melted Bead Bowl for Mother's Day Gift
3. Cook in a 350 degree F oven. The tutorial I used said to bake for 15 minutes.

NOTE: It took much longer than this for my beads to melt. I kept setting the timer for additional 5 minute increments until the beads melted.

Melted Bead Bowl for Mother's Day Gift
4. Once melted, let the bowl cool. Twist the bead bowl out of the oven proof bowl.

5. The cooking spray will make the outside of the bowl feel greasy. I cleaned mine with a wet paper towel.

ideas for using diy melted bead bowl

  • Display the melted bead bowl as decor;
  • Use it as a catch all for keys, coins and other randoms (This is how I use mine!);
  • Turn it into a cute gift basket appropriate for mom (Fill the bowl with artisan hand lotion, pens and small notepads for her purse, and a handmade paper flower.)

Melted Bead Bowl for Mother's Day GiftMelted Bead Bowl for Mother's Day Gift
What homemade gifts have you made for mom? Any cut and paste creations she still has all these years later?

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