INSIDE: How to create a Mother’s Day tin can photo vase for a thrifty gift for mom or grandma. Repurpose tin can crafts kids can make.

Make your own Mother's Day Tin Can Photo Vase

There are many great things about having kids (of course, right?) but in my few years of being a parent, I’ve noticed that if you stick the kids photo on something, you have an immediate, easy gift for grandma that is well-loved.

So as Mother’s Day approaches, I find myself wondering what photo creation of my trio of kids can I wrap up, stick a bow on and gift to mom this Mom’s Day.

I turned to my recycling bin and created a handmade – and thrfity – gift for mom and grandma this Mother’s Day…

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Make an Easy and Special Mother’s Day Tin Can Photo Vase

There’s nothing like making your own gift for (Grand)Mother’s Day, especially one with the (grand)kids photos all over it. The only time-consuming part of this crafty DIY is narrowing down the cutest photos of the kids to print!

– Tin Can (I used a 28oz can), cleaned and label removed
– Photos (color or black and white) printed on premium photo paper
Mod Podge
Clear Acrylic Sealer (spray)
– Ribbon or trim (do you love pom pom trim as much as I do?)
Glue gun

Make your own Mother's Day Tin Can Photo Vase

how to make a tin can photo vase in 5 steps

Make a Mom’s Day gift in five easy steps!

Step No. 1
Measure the dimensions of your tin can and print photos to fit to size. I printed a combination of large photos as well as some smaller photo strip-like photos to fill in any gaps.

Step No. 2
Cut out and position your photos onto the tin can. I rolled a little tape under the photos to keep them in place while I figured out a layout I was happy with. Trim off any excess around the can.

Step No. 3
With the photos in place, apply the Mod Podge under the corners of the photos and at the seams.

Make your own Mother's Day Tin Can Photo Vase
Step No. 4
Once dry, give it a spray with the clear acrylic sealer.

Step No. 5
Apply some ribbon or trim with your glue gun.

Make your own Mother's Day Tin Can Photo Vase
Fill with flowers (best to insert a secondary vase inside the tin can) or use as a gift basket full of (grand)ma’s favorite things.

How to make a Mother's Day Tin Can Photo Vase
What are your mom or grandma’s favorite things for Mother’s Day?

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