INSIDE: How to host a fun kids play date at your house. No-screen activities and games for boys for play, birthday parties and sleepovers.

10 no screen play date, birthday party and sleepover craft and building kits for boys.

As much as my boys love going over to a friend’s house, they totally love having buddies over. But as the mama overseeing these play dates, nothing makes me more nutty than when a group of kids, half of which are not mine, tell me they “are bored”. ????

I now encourage my kids to have a plan before a friend comes over to play. And since we limit screen time, sometimes having a crafty kit to pull out of the closet helps to focus all that excited energy.

So keep play dates sane and manageable! Here are 10 awesome NO SCREEN activities for boys when the phrase ‘Can I have a friend over?‘ is posed.

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Have the Best No Screen Play Dates for Boys

As the mom hosting playtime with friends, any activity that keeps the kids’ energy focused and contained is a successful play date in my book!

Want pretty craft kits? 10 awesomely fun keep busy activities and ideas for elementary and middle school girls.

3D Art Coloring Puzzle
It’s a puzzle and a coloring sheet in one 3D building model!

3D art coloring puzzle and building kit.
3D Building and Coloring Kit

DIY Paper Flying Dragons
Learn interesting dragon facts while crafting your own 3D paper dragons.

Learn all about dragons while building your own paper dragon models.

DIY Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit

Catapult Building Kit
Anything that can launch itself in the air is a winner with my boys!

Learn to build catapults with DIY catapult craft kit for kids.

Catapult Building Craft Kit

Cobra Wrist Band Kit
Who wouldn’t look cool with these DIY bands on their wrists?

DIY wrist band craft kit for guys.

DIY Wrist Band Craft Kit

Rock Painting Kit
Send the kids outside to find a bunch of large rocks to paint and decorate.

Keep kids busy and off screens with DIY rock painting craft kit.
Rock Painting Craft Kit

10 Fun No Screen Activities for Boys Play Dates

LEGO Gadget Builder
Make your LEGO do stuff like move and launch with a fun gadget building kit!

DIY LEGO gadget building craft kit for kids.

LEGO Gadget Building Kit

Disgusting Science Experiments
Who doesn’t love a good gross science project?!

DIY gross science experiment craft kit for kids.
Disgusting Science Experiments Kit

Solar Robot Building Kit
Send the kids outside to work on this DIY solar robot.

Send the kits outside to make this DIY solar robot building kit.

DIY Solar Robot Building Kit

Volcanic Eruption Science Kit
Who wouldn’t love to make an explosion? Great way to send the kids outside!

Learn how to make a volcano with DIY volcanic eruption science kit for kids.

Kids Volcanic Eruption Science Kit

Engineering Building Set
Keep the kids busy with this 160+ piece building set. Great for STEM and future engineers!

Keep the kids busy with fun STEM building set.

Kids STEM Building Set

No more dreading the home play date. When in doubt, pull out a craft kit and encourage non-screen time creativity!

Love Slime? Make 5-Minute NO GLUE Clay Slime

DIY no glue clay slime for kids to make DIY fluffy colorful slime

Make your own Graffiti Beach Towels!

Fun kids summer craft to fabric spray paint white beach towels.

For More Kid-Friendly Ideas: