INSIDE: How to make DIY easy and quick no sew fabric liners for storage basket. How to make pretty storage baskets for closets and shelves.

I’m re-organizing my closet. Other than the obvious purging of clothes and shoes, you’ve got to make lots of tough decisions. Like that purse, which is so cute, but you can’t remember when you last took out for the night. It’s hard to let go!

But the ultimate goal is that the closet be a place I actually want to step into first thing each day.

And the easiest way to do that was to unify all the random assorted storage baskets I had in there. With little desire to buy all new baskets, or learn how to sew new ones, I grabbed some excess fabric I had and hacked my way to a pretty closet storage solution instead…

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How to Make Easy No Sew Cloth Basket Liners

I can usually get by on my basic sewing skills. But why sew when I can iron-on?!

No Sew Basket Liner Supplies
– Fabric
Iron On Hem Tape
Heat-n-Bond Tape
– Tape measure or ruler
– Fabric scissors
– Straight pins
– Iron

DIY No Sew Basket Cloth Liner |

How to Make No Sew Fabric Liner for Storage Baskets

Since I was redoing a variety of wicker baskets I already had, I gave them a coat of white spray paint.

I wanted them to look cohesive.

Make no sew custom fabric basket liners
Step #1:
If your basket already has a liner (as mine did), measure that.

With your length in mind, determine the width of the liner. I went with a width of 6″. Add 1-2″ to the length for the fabric for an overlap.

Friendly Tip: If your basket doesn’t have an existing basket liner, skip step #2 and #4. Instead, use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to secure your fabric liner to the inside of the basket.

Step #2:
I began to pin the fabric at the back of the basket — the side that wouldn’t show.

I lined up the fabric so it would cover the existing liner with enough to fold into the inside of the basket.

I simply went around the basket, pining the fabric.

When I got back to where I started, I folded the raw edge of the fabric over and overlapped it with the end I started with.

Make no sew custom fabric basket liners

HOW TO secure the cloth liner to the basket

Step #3:
With the fabric pinned, I applied the Iron-On Hem Tape to the outside raw edge of the liner.

DIY No Sew Basket Cloth Liner |

Step #4:
Use Heat-n-Bond Tape to now secure your custom liner to the existing basket liner.

I found it easy enough to keep the liner on the basket, lay the basket down on its side on my surface and iron.

DIY No Sew Basket Cloth Liner |

And there you have it! No sew custom basket liners to match your decor or style!

What no sew hacks have you created?

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