INSIDE: How to build an awesome family mudroom cubby organizer. DIY entryway storage for family and kids home organization.

Build the best kids and family mudroom organizer using melamine boards and wooden table legs.

There are five of us in my family. And we all have stuff. Lots of stuff. And where do you think all of this stuff winds up when they walk into the house? Everywhere but nowhere really.

Fortunately, we had an empty wall in our mudroom that was screaming out to be utilized in some nifty DIY way! ????

Armed with a sketch and some affordable melamine boards, we built the most useful piece of furniture in our house!

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How To Make Awesome Family Mudroom Cubby Organizer

Our mudroom is not large. It’s also home to the laundry room and a small powder room. Needless to say, a lot of action happens in this small space. And when you add in all the bags, shoes and hats, it was any semi-organized person’s nightmare! It all needed a place to go other than on the floor.

So I engaged my “construction crew” (aka: my husband and father-in-law) to take a rough sketch and make me the mudroom cubby system of my organizational dreams!!


– Melamine boards: 2 longer boards for the top and bottom; 6 shorter boards for the sides and cubby dividers
TIP: Ask the hardware store to cut the boards for you.

– Cabinet screws
Wall anchors
Toggle bolts
– Carriage bolts
– Cabinet nails
2 wooden table legs
– High density composite fiberboard
– 2 pieces of trim to be placed along top and bottom boards

NOTE: Our mudroom cubby system is 62″ (l) x 49″ (h) with five individual cubbies. Create yours to fit your space and family needs.

How To Organize Your Mudroom with Storage Cubbies

Build the frame of the cubby system, using the two longer melamine boards + 2 shorter melamine boards.

Drill pilot holes into the melamine boards and use cabinet screws to secure.

Measure out the space for your individual cubbies. Ours has 5 cubbies, each measuring 11″ in width.

Once again, drill holes on the top and bottom boards where the divider boards will go. Secure with cabinet screws.

Use melamine boards to build DIY mudroom entryway storage cubby system for your family's stuff.

How to Build Helpful Mudroom Organizational System

Our mudroom cubby organizational system was going to be wall-mounted.

To keep it secure on the wall, we cut five 4″ high density composite fiberboards the length of each cubby and nailed them to the wall. These will serve as the “hangers” for the cubby system.

How to build a DIY family mudroom organizer and hang it on the wall as a space-saving mudroom organizer.

Lift the cubby system on top of these fiberboard “hangers”. Secure the cubby system from the top into these hanger boards.

Use the same high density composite fiberboard, cut a strip and screw it into the wall underneath cubby system. This will be used to help support the cubby system.

How to build a wall-mounted DIY mudroom and entryway cubby system for all your family's stuff.
Use wooden table legs to fit underneath the cubby system as additional support.

Pre-drill each leg with a pilot hole. Use a spade bit to drill into the cubby to sink the head of the bolt into the board.

With a ratchet, screw the toggle bolt through the cubby into the table leg.

Add decorative wood trim to the top and bottom boards of the cubby. Secure with cabinet nails.

Use wooden table legs to add farmhouse touch to DIY mudroom family cubby organizer.

How to Keep Family Organized with Easy Mudroom Storage

With the construction now complete, time to decorate and personalize each cubby!
Remember those fiberboard “hangers”? A small wall hook was add to each.
Additionally, each cubby was customized with unique hooks that reflect the personality of the person assigned to that cubby. From wooden toy cars to a plastic dinosaur to vintage spools of thread!
The backside of each cubby was papered with peel-and-stick removable wallpaper.
How to build a kids and family mudroom storage system to organize your family's stuff.
Lastly, add plastic baskets to the bottom of each individual cubby. These are perfect for holding dirty shoes and balled up socks that never make it to the neighboring washing machine!
Build the best kids and family mudroom organizer using melamine boards and wooden table legs.

Organizational sanity once again. Yay!