INSIDE: How I easily and cheaply salvaged an otherwise toss away kids shirt with my favorite laundry product, Oxi Clean Gel Stick.

Oxy Clean Gel StickParenthood is an eye-popping adventure. There’s the constant loop of repeating yourself. And there’s all that stain-treating of clothing I could’ve sworn I just cut the tags off of. Seriously, how can a t-shirt get some random purple spot on it when it’s only been on the child’s body for a short five minutes?! And where on earth did they find something purple so fast?!?! This is my life. Is this yours?

So enter my favorite laundry product. The one I tend to stockpile in the cabinet that sits above the washing machine.

This is NOT a sponsored post. As much as a few bucks would be great to chat about a fave product, this is a completely 100% freebie product endorsement from one frazzled mama to any other frazzled mamas (and papas) out there…

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How to Quickly Salvage an Otherwise Toss Away Shirt

I have three children. Two of which are boys. Very, very active boys. And here’s the thing; I did not grow up around boys. Even though I have four (and a half) years of trying to learn all things boy, little boys are still a mystery to me.

From the structures they build out of blocks that you cannot take apart, the (potty) words they find to how they can injure themselves in these grand ways, I still have so much to learn.

And that brings me to a little (otherwise known as embarrasingly bloody mom fail) incident that occurred at a Saturday morning tee ball game. It was Opening Day and the ballpark was packed with proud parents and excited siblings, all waiting for the action to start on the ballfield with a motley crew of 4 and 5 year olds.

And this is when my youngest son decides it would be a really great idea to climb up the metal bleachers. In front of all these fans. So guess what happens when he leans over, loses his balance and falls backwards off the bleacher step? ‘Yikes’ is probably the most PC word I can probably utter here!
Oxi Clean Gel StickLet’s just say there’s a reason I don’t work in healthcare; I don’t do well with gruesome. But because of these little boys and their constant injuries, I’m getting much better at not having to take deep yoga breaths while putting a cold compress on the back of my neck and dialing my husband several times in a panic!

So I scooped up the little guy, whose white t-shirt was no longer white, and ran across the park in frantic search of my husband. Where I found him at the snack bar, casually doctoring up his coffee.

How to Save your laundry with Oxi Clean Gel Stick

Once this frazzled crew was calmed down and doctored up, the little guy was good to go and ready to continue his climbing and clambering as if we just didn’t go through a small drama! With a sedative coffee in my hands and my breathing back to a non-hyper level, my attention turned to my little guy’s really cute “Never Grow Up” white t-shirt. I assumed I’d go home and toss it out.

But standing at the washing machine, I decided treated it anyway with my fave stain fighter – Oxi Clean Max Force Gel Stick.
Oxy Clean Gel Stick
After a good soak and spin, the stain was out! Even though we are closing in on his not being able to wear this shirt much longer due to his growing like a weed, at least I didn’t have to toss it in the garbage next to a banana peel and a balled up tissue. #oxiclean

I have even applied this gel stick to a stain that I missed after something has gone through the dryer. Let the Oxi Clean do its magic, re-wash and hello, no more stain. Can you tell I really like this product?!

What laundry goodies have you discovered? Let me know in the comments. Always on the lookout for good ideas.

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