INSIDE: Host a fun breakfast-themed pancakes and pajamas birthday party for kids. FREE printable pancake-themed party game signs and take home favor thank you tags.

How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday party

Raise your hand if you like pancakes! My seven-year old daughter certainly does. So much so that we hosted a simply pink Pancakes and Pajamas-themed birthday party for her #7.

A gaggle of giggly girls showed up on party day dressed in pajamas and some awesome bed head, ready to play pancake party games, decorate their own pillowcases and eat as many silver dollar pancakes as they could manage!

On a “maple syrop” budget, here are some easy-to-replicate ideas for a simple Pancakes and Pajamas birthday party…

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DIY pancakes and pajamas birthday party

As the party-goers arrived, they set to painting their own custom pillowcases (using plain white cotton pillowcases) with fabric markers.

Not only was this an activity to avoid my house being literally run over with pint-sized girls in jammies but it also served as their take home party favor.

The pillowcases were rolled and tied with a Thank You tag.  Grab your FREE downloadable Thank You tag here!

How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday party
FREE Downloadable Thank You Tag 

How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday party

pancakes and pajamas birthday party Games

As the pancakes were sizzling on the grill, the girls were kept busy with some themed party games.

Pancake Race, where they formed two teams and raced each other with pancakes on spatulas

Pancake Toss, where they tossed and attempted to catch a pancake on a plate, taking a step back each time to make it more challenging
How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday party

How to create easy sew diy fabric pancakes?

Using yellow fleece fabric, trace two circle shapes. I used a cereal bowl to achieve the perfect size.

Cut a syrop-like shape onto a piece of brown fabric and cut a square butter pad from some yellow fabric.

Sew the butter pad on top of the syrop.

Sew the syrop on top of one pancake.

Sew the two pancakes together, leaving a little area open to insert poly fil stuffing.

Sew closed.

Designate the party game zones with these FREE downloadable print files!

How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday party          How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday party

Easy DIY Pancakes and Pajamas Birthday Party for Kids

The pancakes, fruit and lemonade mocktail were served on a faux bed. I drew by hand a headboard shape onto white foamcore, taping two pieces together to form one large headboard. It was then taped to the side of the island countertop.

Using a foam board headboard, white sheets and some pink pillows, our island countertop was transformed into a bed to fit the party’s theme. The party food was served here.

How to host a pancakes and pajamas birthday party
After gift-opening excitement, buttercream cupcakes and several glasses of kid-friendly mocktail, the party-goers were sent home full of sweetness and sugar! Until next year…

What fun-filled birthday party themes have you hosted for the kids?

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