INSIDE: How to make the cutest plant gift card holder. Fast, easy way to give gift cards as present.

Make a cute, fun and affordable gift card holder with a potted plant.

Gift cards have a bad rap. Some folks like them, others think they are impersonal. Myself, I happen to love being given a gift card.

And gift cards are definitely the easiest of group gifts! From classroom teachers to new grads to get wells, gift cards are often the way to go.

But most folks don’t want to be given a stack of random gift cards; so what’s the best way to “gift” the gift card? Here are some fun DIY gift card holder ideas…

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How to Make Sweetest Plant Gift Card Holder

When a dear friend fell ill, a group of us collected money to purchase grocery and restaurant gift cards the family could use during this difficult time.

Paired with a healing aloe vera plant, this is a cute and quick way to “gift” a bunch of gift cards!


– Plant with stems (like an aloe vera)
Thin grosgrain ribbon
– Hole punch
Bamboo BBQ stick
– Happy face plant stake (FREE download below)

How to Give Gift Cards with a Plant

Start by planting the aloe vera plant if it does not come with a pot and saucer.

Then use a hole punch to make a hole in the top corner of the paper the card is attached to.

Insert a thin strip of grosgrain ribbon into each hole.

Make hole punch in cardboard around gift card and insert thin grosgrain ribbon. Tie each gift card onto stem of plant.

Gently tie onto the plant stem and form a bow. Repeat for every gift card you have.

How to Make a Happy Face Plant Stake

Download and print the FREE happy face plant stakes (link below). Cut out.

Tape onto the end of a bamboo BBQ stick and insert into the planter.

Make a happy face plant stake by printing out large happy face graphic and taping it onto back of bamboo BBQ skewer. Insert into plant.

Download the Happy Face plant stake here. For personal use only.

Make a cute, fun and affordable gift card holder with a potted plant.

4 More Ways to Make a Gift Card Bouquet

Check out these cute ideas for making a gift card bouquet. Perfect for group gifting!

Paper Flower Gift Card Bucket

Use paper flower cutouts and adhere gift cards to the center. Place “arrangement” into a bucket.

Use paper flowers with gift cards glued on for sweet gift card bouquet present.Source: The Cul-de-Sac

Potted Plant Gift Card Tree

Tape gift cards onto bamboo sticks and insert within a pretty potted plant.

Insert gift cards within pretty potted plant as DIY gift card tree bouquet.Source: Trish B Designs

Paper Flower Gift Card Envelopes

Use colorful cardstock to make cute paper flower gift card envelopes.

DIY paper flower gift card envelopes as part of a gift card bouquet.Source: Cutesy Crafts

Personalized Photos Gift Card Bouquet

Adhere photos of the various gift card givers onto paper flowers and place into flower pot.

Use personalized photos to craft sweet paper flower gift card bouquet.Source: Happy Home Fairy

What’s your favorite way to “gift” gift cards? Let me know in the comments.