INSIDE: How to make a DIY 5-minute personalized school backpack tag from a pre-painted wood decal. Easy back-to-school crafts for kids.

DIY 5 Minute Back to School Backpack TagIs it happy back-to- school time where you live? The countdown is on over here! The house is noticeably quieter and calmer although the constant drop-off/pick-up driving brings about its own level of stress!

This time a year is always so fresh-looking! The kids are wearing non-scuffed-up shoes, stain-free outfits and shiny new backpacks and lunch boxes. (How long will they stay this way, right?!)

Since you may already be feeling the pain of all this back-to-school shopping, let me show you how to make not only the quickest backpack tag BUT the cheapest!

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How to Make Easy 5-Minute Wooden School Backpack Tag

As all parents (and grandparents) know, labeling everything our kiddos take to school is paramount! Making your own custom backpack tag is a cute and colorful and easy way to further label your kids goods.

Pre-painted wood cutout
Drill with small 1/32″ drill bit
Beaded ball chain (they can be easily cut to your desired length)
Miniature letter scrapbook stickers

DIY backpack personalized tag for back-to-school |

how to make cute kids backpack tag

Here’s how to make a 5 minute back-to-school backpack tag!

Start the new school year off labelled and organized with a 5-minute DIY backpack tag.

And here’s to avoiding searching in the school’s lost and found bins!

DIY backpack personalized tag for back-to-school |

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