INSIDE: How to use old school papers to make DIY photo frames for lifelong memories.

Repurpose report cards into picture frames

My mother-in-law has been stopping by recently and dropping off some of my husband’s 40-year-old things. We’ve inherited old yearbooks, the leather folder his college degree came in, a collection of old toys and a rather large manila folder of his elementary school report cards. Oldies but goodies?!

Some of the items have been easier to slip into the recycle bin than others! But I did hold onto his old report cards. I had an idea on how to re-purpose them into a craft for our children and keep these old school memories…

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diy photo frames from kids school papers

All these years, I’ve always assumed my mother was the saver (check out what I turned a 30-some year old Fisher Price toy into). But to learn my mother-in-law is a “secret saver” is kinda surprising. It makes me slightly nervous for what we’ll find when the day comes they move houses!

So when she dropped off a large stack of report cards dating back to the early ’80s – all of them either hand-written or typed out on a {gasp!} typewriter – we had fun reading about his progress in reading and punctuation and mathematics. How do you toss memories like that into the bin?

Gather Your Supplies, Kids
– Picture frames (you want a flat border, like this)
– Report cards or school work
Mod Podge
Paint (optional if using dark frames and/or want color on sides)
– Scissors, ruler, pencil and paintbrush

Turn the kids school papers into custom photo frames |

how to frame kids classroom photos

I gave the frames a quick coat of white paint to cover the dark brown frame since the report cards were all written on white paper. Once dry, I gave the four sides a coat of colorful paint.

Measure the length and width of the frame and decide where on the report cards (or school work, book report, artwork) you want to cut based on what graphics you want displayed on the frame.

Apply the report card strips with Mod Podge.
Turn the kids school papers into custom photo frames |
Insert your school or class photos, or just have the frames ready for when they actually enter school like in the case of my kids #2 and #3!
Turn school report cards into photo frames |
So don’t toss your memories in the recycling bin; turn them into useful decor that can last for years to come.


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