INSIDE: How to use tin cans for DIY easy teacher gift baskets. Re-purpose tin cans for school supplies, pencil holders, flower vases.

Back to School Teacher Gifts using Tin Cans

Raise your hand if you’re ready to send those kids that you love, love, love so much back to school?! Summer has been fun and busy and memory-filled but it’s time. Time to hand them lovingly over to those amazing teachers for seven hours a day!

And this is why I want to gift these great teachers with a small token of appreciation (like this teacher frame using dollar store supplies) as we kick-off a new school year.

Learn how I used a variety of tin cans to create a trio of quick and easy teacher gifts as we [read: mommy] excitedly waits for the First Day of School!

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How to Use Tin Cans for Fun, Easy Teacher Gifts

Save those tin cans and easily transform them into a cute and colorful teacher catch-all. Also works great  for organizing school supplies at home.

– Tin cans (any size)
Scrapbook paper
Craft glue
Small scrapbook letters/numbers stickers
School supplies (pencils, rulers, glue) and/or flowers

How to Make Cute Back to School Teacher Gifts

Measure the height of the can.

Cut the scrapbook paper accordingly.

You can choose to cover the rim of the can (as I did) or leave it exposed as a cool metal border.

Teacher Gifts for Back to School
Wrap the scrapbook paper around the can.

You will want to overlap it slightly at the back. Secure the paper with craft glue.

Teacher Gifts for Back to School

Add decorative elements to each can depending on the iconic school design chosen.

Here are some ideas:

Apple: Add stem, leaf and bookworm
Pencil: Add eraser and “No. 2” symbol
Ruler: Add numbers, lines and “School Rules

Teacher Gifts for Back to School
Fill with school supplies, flowers or even sweet treats for your child’s teacher.Back to School Teacher Gifts using Tin Cans |

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