INSIDE: A free downloadable Fill In The Blank “My Teacher Is Super” teacher appreciation printable.

Easy teacher appreciation printable for kids to complete to let teachers know how super they are.


I am not a teacher. I can barely manage my three kids let alone a room of 20-something constantly moving, hand raising, story sharing children. But I have GREAT appreciation for these unbelievably patient men and women who welcome and embrace my kids five days a week.

So whenever our school has their annual Teacher Appreciation Week, I find it the perfect time to let them know how much they are valued and respected…and their patience level admired.

Here’s a super easy fill-in-the-blank “My Teacher Is Super” printable. Let your kids imagination go wild as they describe the super teacher they have!

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Fill In The Blank “My Teacher Is Super” Printable

Teachers are considered superheroes, aren’t they? They have the power to remain calm at all times. They have a smile plastered onto their faces, even in the midst of chaos. They have no fear of a room full of kids. And they have eyes in the back of their heads. Superheroes indeed.

Here is a super easy and fun way for kids to describe the superhero their teacher is!




Fill in the blank "My Teacher Is Super" free printable for teacher appreciation gift | Dazzle While


Teacher Appreciation Superhero Fill in Blank for Kids

how to make super easy gift for teacher

My 7 year old daughter – a 2nd grader – filled it out for her two classroom teachers. And the answers were super cute!

Have students fill out "My Teacher Is Super because" printable for teacher appreciation week at school.

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How is your child’s teacher a Superhero? Let me know in the comments.