INSIDE: How to make a Thanksgiving turkey wreath from brown paper bags. DIY Thanksgiving autumn front door wreath. Gobble, gobble!

DIY turkey Thanksgiving wreath from a brown paper bag |

I could eat Thanksgiving food all day, every day. It’s by far my favorite holiday…’cause it’s all centered around good food. And pie.

So why shouldn’t there be a front door decoration that pays tribute to this wonderful day of food? There definitely should be!

Grab some paper napkins, plates and a few brown paper lunch bags to make, what can only be described as, a ‘yummy’ wreath…

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How To Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath from Paper Bags


– Large wreath form (I used a 16″ wire wreath form)
– Paper napkins (I used brown chevron napkins)
(3) Dessert plates
– (1) Dinner plate
– Set plastic cutlery
– (3) Brown paper lunch bags
– Crepe/Tissue paper
– Raffia/Thin ribbon (I used autumn raffia ribbon)
– Hot glue gun
– Craft scissors

Thanksgiving paper bag turkey door wreath |

diy unique thanksgiving turkey front door wreath

I used large dinner napkins to cover the wreath form.

I opened them and cut them in half, and proceeded to wrap them around the wreath, overlapping the ends.

Arrange the paper plates along one side of the wreath, securing them with hot glue gun.

How to make a brown paper bag turkey

Open (1) brown paper bag, push out and round out the bottom with your hand.

Narrow the sides of the bag so they make something of a point-like shape and fold the opening end underneath until you are happy with its size.

Open (2) brown paper bags, push out and round out the bottom ends.

Cut the bag in half and proceed to shape it into a drumstick like shape.

Twist the cut end and secure with a piece of tape.

Add a small strip of cut and frayed crepe/tissue paper to the bottoms of the drumsticks.

Arrange the various parts of Thanksgiving dinner onto the paper plates, securing with hot glue.

All turkeys need some fixins’, right?

Using a piece of tissue paper, form a round shape, secure the end with tape and add a green ribbon tie.

Glue these “pumpkins” around the turkey.

Using the brown paper bag scraps, make a super simple triangle garland on a piece of ribbon.

Add the word “Yum” or “Gobble” or “Gather” or whatever says Thanksgiving to you!

DIY Thanksgiving garland for Thanksgiving decorations |

How do you celebrate the Gobble, Gobble?

Many of these Brown Paper Bag Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath came from extras from my NO clean up Thanksgiving Table!

How to create an easy clean-up Thanksgiving table |

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