INSIDE: How to turn old thrift store nightstands into easy stylish storage bench with custom seated cushion. 1 day furniture makeover.

Create a drop zone by turning two old tables into a storage and seating bench.

My husband sent me a grainy text photo of a pair of mid-century modern nightstands from his random stop at a thrift store. The text read, “$15! Want them?” Of course, why would I not want a couple of retro side tables in need of a makeover?!

And so these funky tables came home and moved around various rooms until they found a permanent spot in the family room. We butted these two nightstands next to each other and poof! They became a much-needed storage bench and additional seating zone. Because one always needs a space for a storage basket …and wine!

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How to Make Easy Stylish Bench from Nightstands

Any DIY project is a great excuse to try a new product. This makeover was successful thanks to spray paint and we discovered a cool new paint product which helped to transform these nightstands from retro to stylish!

Montana MTN 94 spray paint (Used by street artists, this spray paint has an adjustable spray nozzle head to control the amount of paint it emits)
– Rustoleum spray paint
Painter’s tape
Paintable wallpaper
Optional: Storage basket, Wine rack

Transform old nightstands into a stylish storage bench for baskets and wine rack using spray paints and pre-pasted wallpaper.

Nightstands Repurposed into DIY Storage Bench

Pull out a tarp because this old table makeover was done 99% with spray paints!

We laid some paper towels on the inside of the nightstand and gave the grates on the sides a shot of coral spray paint.
Use Rustoleum spray paint to makeover old thrift store nightstands to make a DIY storage seating bench.
Once the sides were 100% dry, we covered them with paper and secured with painters tape.

We then used a cool new spray paint (to us, at least!) that has adjustable spray nozzles to control how much paint is emitted. Instead of getting the overspray typical of spray paints, we were able to better direct where and how the paint came out.

Gone with the retro brown wood and in with a modern matte finish gray for the rest of the tables.
Place two nightstands or side tables next to each other to make a DIY storage bench with padded seat.

How to Make a Bench Seat from Old Tables

The bottom of each nightstand was lined with pre-pasted wallpaper. I opted to leave it white but it looks really cool when painted.
Use pre-pasted paintable wallpaper to line inside of drawers or old tables turned storage bench.
Fill each shelf with baskets, bins, books …or a wine rack!
Create a drop zone by turning two old tables into a storage and seating bench.

These $15 tables, originally sent to me via text, have become a good drop zone for our busy family and a good place to start Happy Hour!
Make an inviting foyer with DIY storage bench and seat from old thrift store nightstands.

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