INSIDE: How to use a baby romper to make a DIY toddler Tick Tock Croc costume for Halloween. Easy sew tutorial with felt craft sheets.

Turn a baby romper into a Tick Tock Croc costume

It all started with a mermaid-themed summertime birthday party that my daughter was attending. A dig through my towering basket of fabric led me to make her a tale of a mermaid bottom.

So when Halloween rolled around, it only made sense for my little crew of misfits to go as a themed trio: the mermaid, her [friendly] pirate and their little [cute] nemesis, Tick Tock Croc!

See how I turned a baby romper into a Tick Tock Croc costume. Arr!!

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How to Make Easy Kids Halloween Tick Tock Croc Costume

As much as I love to craft and create, I detest spending a lot of money doing so!

I began the crocodile costume-making by scouring my favorite discount stores for solid green pajamas, shorts, t-shirts …anything I could modify. Nothing!

Next stop, my son’s closet. There hung a lime green sleeve-less romper, showing some wear and tear from being baby #2 to have worn it.

How to turn this surfer-themed romper into a teeth-showing, clock-wearing creature of the swamp?

– Romper (or kids sleeveless t-shirt)
Green fabric dye
Felt sheets in greens, gray, white, black and yellow
Sewing machine
– OR, fabric glue

How to Use a Romper or T-Shirt For a Tick Tock Croc Costume

Unless you lucky enough to have green clothing in your closet, you will have to rely on fabric dye to give you the green croc look. Follow the directions on the fabric dye.

Croc collage 1

With the romper dyed to satisfaction, and once my sink no longer had a ring of green, it was time to tick tock! Download the FREE Clock Template and size to the dimensions you need.

I chose to sew the felt, but you can just as easily use hot glue or my fave, fabric glue.

Turn a baby romper into a Tick Tock Croc costume
If the idea of sewing text doesn’t thrill you (believe me, not the easiest of tasks especially when the kids want to “help you sew”), use fabric pens or puffy paint pens to write the text.

Turn a baby romper into a Tick Tock Croc costume
So the front half of the croc completed, flip the romper over.

Download the FREE Croc Scales Template.

Sew or glue the scales in any design layout that looks most like a croc to you.

Turn a baby romper into a cute DIY Tick Tock Croc costume for kids Halloween.

how to make tick tock croc halloween shoe covers

Every croc needs some feet. Cover their little shoes with some green feet and claws with the downloadable Croc Shoe Covers Template.

First, measure the width and length of the front of the shoe.

Keep a little flap of extra material that you will use to tuck into the top of the shoe and tape to the underside of the shoe.

Turn a baby romper into a Tick Tock Croc costume

how to make a tick tock croc headpiece for halloween

Knowing my little guy most likely wouldn’t keep a hat on (regardless of the many cute Pinterest ideas I found), I came up with the idea of creating a headpiece instead.

Designed to be lightweight so the little guy wouldn’t realize he had two googly eyes and gnawing teeth atop his cute head. I used bobby pins to adhere it to his head.

Download the Croc Headpiece Template.

DIY crocodile alligator headpiece for a toddler kids Tick Tock Croc Halloween costume.

Use a heavy piece of interfacing between the two pieces of felt to make the eyes stand upright.

Super cute DIY Tick Tock Croc Halloween costume for Captain Hook-Neverland group costume.

Need a pirate to chase after Tick Tock Croc? 10-minute pirate boot covers!

DIY Easy Kid Pirate Boot Covers for Halloween or dress-up playtime.

Other Halloween DIY Ideas:

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