INSIDE: How to make a $5 Valentine’s Day “survival kit” gift for teachers using small tin pails and travel sized beauty supplies.

Valentine’s Day is great, don’t you think? It’s refreshing to focus on a holiday that’s a little more simple and truly all about L-O-V-E …and all the chocolate goodies don’t hurt its cause!

We love our teachers and they do an amazing job for our kiddos (hello, patience I only wish I had!). So for this Valentine’s Day, I am creating a super affordable $5 Valentine’s Day gift for teachers.

Since our school has a no-food-from-home policy, I opted for a Valentine’s “survival kit” theme instead of sweet treats. More chocolate-y goodies for me, I guess!

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DIY $5 Valentine’s Day Gift for Teachers

This is a gift idea – that can be created long past Valentine’s Day – that can be quickly put together by strolling through the dollar bin travel section of a pharmacy or beauty department.


Small tin pails
– Travel tissues
– Hand sanitizer
– Travel lotion
– Lip balm

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Teachers |

Easy Valentine’s Day Survival Kit Beauty Gift

Digging through my bin of miscellaneous Valentine’s Day decor, I grabbed a large foam heart sticker to use as a template. I traced it onto the pail with a pencil.
DIY Valentine's Day Gift Teachers |

Using pink and purple acrylic craft paints, I painted the heart and added some polka dots. (I have a thing for polka dots. Love ’em!) Once dry, I added some acrylic glitter paint.

Friendly Tip: Use the end of a paint brush to make perfectly round dots.

Use the end of a paint brush to make perfectly round dots with paint for a DIY $5 Valentine's Day teacher gift

On the backside of the pail, I painted the words “Love to teach“.

affordable valentine’s day teacher gifts

Insert some Valentine’s cellophane paper or heart tissue paper into the metal pail. Fill with your goodies.

Use small metal pails and Valentine's Day cellophane paper to make DIY $5 teacher Valentine's Day gifts

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