INSIDE: How to make $5 DIY Valentine’s Day mesh heart door wreaths using wire hangers and mesh fabric. Cheap Valentine home decor.

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Heart Door Wreaths

I have a thing for making wreaths. I just can’t help myself! And THREE wreaths is even better for this wreath-obsessed girl.

When you can make a trio of Valentine’s Day mesh heart wreaths from the same materials, it’s just too l-o-v-e-ly not to share. A $5 investment in mesh fabric and a crafty way to re-purpose all those metal dry cleaner hangers makes for some affordably easy Valentine decor.

So riffle through your closet for wire hangers and let me show you how I made them…

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$5 Mesh Heart Wreaths for Affordable Valentine’s Decor

We all have metal dry cleaner hangers littering up our closets! I typically toss ours in the recycling bin but I guess I’ve been slacking on this “job” as we had amassed a small collection. Grab a few and let’s form them into heart shapes.

– Wire metal hangers
– Pliers (optional)
– Wire snips (optional)
Decorative mesh (approx. 1 yard in each color)
– Craft scissors
– Ribbon

how to make mesh heart door wreaths

Begin by bending and shaping the hanger into something of recognizable heart shape.

Once – finally – in the classic Valentine’s Day heart form, you can use wire snips to cut off the hanger part. Or, bend and shape it to be flush with the heart form.

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Heart Door Wreaths |

I got a yard each of three different colored mesh and I wanted each individual wreath to be slightly different.

I began the process by cutting long strips of mesh and wrapping it around the wire hanger. This formed a base to cover the wire hanger so it wouldn’t show through the mesh.

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Heart Door Wreaths |

$5 Mesh Heart Wreaths for Affordably Easy Valentine’s Decor

My goal for the heart trio was to have each one look different. Here’s how I did it:

  • The red wreath was created with lots and lots of small mesh ties;
  • The link pink wreath was created by wrapping mesh in several layers and secured with little mesh ties; and,
  • The fushia wreath was created by gathering the mesh in loops that were secured with mesh ties

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Heart Door Wreaths |

Because these wreaths are made from mesh, they do quite well outdoors!

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Heart Door Wreaths

How do you decorate your front door for Valentine’s Day?

DIY Valentine's Day Mesh Heart Door Wreaths

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