INSIDE: Use vintage black and white photograph as a fun wet bar backsplash idea. DIY alternative to tile backsplash idea.

Use a vintage black and white photograph as a wet bar backsplash

Does your house have a much-coveted “man cave”? My husband has all his signed basketballs, footballs and autographed prints …safely tucked away in plastic bins in the garage. Poor guy. Someday. When the kids move out in some 13 years and we gain a room.

So in the meantime, all the guy has is a wet bar in the TV room. A little space where he can play bartender and come up with creative cocktails for this frazzled lady.

But before he could pop open a craft beverage, we needed to bring his “man cave” out of the 1980s and back into the 1920s?!

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How to Make Fun Backsplash with Vintage Photograph Sticker

Since the “man cave” sits in our beach vibe-ing family room, I wanted to stay with the surf and sea theme. It’s amazing what one can find online, including *free* vintage photographs.

And it was this photograph of a group of 1920s bathing beauties in vintage bathing suits and parasols that we knew would look so cool.

As a backsplash alternative to tile. Thank You Library of Congress!

Image Courtesy of Library of Congress


How to Make Bar Backsplash with Vintage Photograph Sticker

With the bathing beauties now saved on my hard drive, where to get it printed?

After practically calling every single graphic printer in town and getting nowhere, I turned my search online where I discovered a very cool new material called Photo-Tex Adhesive Polyester Fabric by a company called

Essentially what I wound up ordering was a giant, re-positionable decal. Printed on fabric.

How to install large vintage graphic printed on re-positionable fabric graphic decal. DIY alternative to tile backsplash for wet bar.

How to Use Vintage Photograph for Fun Bar Backsplash

How’s this for some bathing beauties in your “man cave”?!

DIY man cave wet bar backsplash using vintage black and white bathing beauties photograph from Library of Congress

What unusual materials have you used in place of traditional ones?

DIY alternative to tile backsplash using graphic photograph

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