INSIDE: How to make fast, simple wall art to hide Nest thermostat. How to decorate around ugly wall thermostat.

How to hide ugly wall thermostat like Nest with DIY large scale easy fast wall art.

Got a wall thermostat? In our case, we have a round, glowing Nest thermostat. And given how it just sits there, smack in the middle of a wall, it made decorating around it a challenge.

Then one day I was given an old, retro picture frame that I was determined would go somewhere, anywhere, in my house! Until I could figure out where, I placed it on an existing wall hook ironically around the Nest thermostat.

And that’s when the idea to create the world’s simplest – and fastest – wall art was born.

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How to Make Easy Wall Art to Hide Nest Thermostat

When in doubt, just add polka dots! So when your husband becomes obsessed with a Nest thermostat, we settled on this happy decorating compromise.

This idea can be just as easily replicated with a rectangular thermostat as well!

– Poster board (to fit size of wall frame)
– Circle template (I used a coffee mug)
Acrylic paints
Exacto knife

how to make large wall art to disguise thermostat

Determine where the frame will sit around the Nest thermostat.

How to decorate around Nest or wall thermostat with DIY large wall art.

Cut the white art board to fit the inside of the wall frame, marking where the thermostat is.

Use a circle template, like a coffee mug, to make a series of circle shapes in pencil.

Use a coffee mug to make easiest, fastest polka dots for DIY wall art to disguise Nest wall thermostat.

Once happy with the polka dotted layout, paint them with craft acrylic paints.

Use craft acrylic paints to make DIY polka dot circle artwork to hide wall Nest thermostat.

how to make gallery art wall hide nest thermostat

Use an Exacto knife to cut out a circle where the Nest thermostat will be inserted into the art board.

Use an Exacto knife to cut circle shape out of white art board where Nest thermostat will be placed within DIY wall art to hide ugly wall thermostats.

This was a personal choice, but I added the birth dates of our family members within some of the circles. You know numbers on the Nest, numbers on the art.

How to decorate around a wall thermostat with DIY gallery wall.

Reinsert the art board into the wall frame. Gently push the Nest thermostat through the board.

Disguise Nest thermostat in DIY polka dot wall art.

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