DWF is no longer ad-centric

What does that mean?

I removed all those pesky ads from the site. The invasive Google ads are gone. The other purveyors of ads based on tracking you are also gone. The mid-post ads for Amazon products are gone as well.

I find those types of ads incredibly annoying and I’m sure I’m not the only one. So, I removed them.

The content didn’t need those distractions. The content is great! Most of it is not created by me, so that’s not bragging about myself! haha

I want readers to be able to enjoy the content without distractions. We already live in a distraction-heavy environment.

I wanted to make my tiny corner of the web a little less distracting.

How Does DWF Make Money?

Well, this site is not capturing and selling your data as I wrote about here.

I created a privacy-focused community that you can join.

That’s easily the best way to support Dazzle While Frazzled, so we can continue bringing you top-notch content.

We also have affiliate links that pay us a commission if you buy products through those links. Some of our affiliate deals may come in the form of banners we place on pages and posts – with the goal of keeping the focus on the content, not the ads.

If you want to contribute to our efforts without joining the community, you can make one-time contributions via our Buy Me a Coffee page.

If you enjoy the content and want to see more of it, please consider contributing.

I really appreciate you, dear reader. Thank you for being here!

Have a wonderful day!


Johnny Wizard