INSIDE: How to make an autumn pillow cover with fleece pumpkin for fall home decor. DIY envelope pillow cover easy sew tutorial.

DIY autumn pumpkin envelope pillow for Halloween |

I love to decorate for the seasons. And I’m guessing you’re uttering to your computer, shocker! But as much as I enjoy the process of making my house all red and green or orange and black, I also like to have decor that can stay out for longer than a handful of weeks. It’s a lot of work to drag those boxes out of storage!

And this is what’s great about autumn. You can haul those pumpkins out in September and keep them on display through Thanksgiving. Talk about getting some chunkin’ for that pumpkin’!

So, I created a cute fleece pumpkin pillow cover for this exact reason: get some longevity from this autumn decor. I’m thinking about you, pumpkin!

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How to Make Cute Fleece Pumpkin Pillow Cover

There are many different ways to make an envelope pillow as a quick Google search will reveal! This is my preferred way to make a quick envelope throw pillow…

frazzled-momentDuring the making of this crafty project, my photos were lost to a watery plunge. After two days of dragging kids #2 and 3 to various techie stores, I succumbed to the fact that I had to start the project over so I could share photos with you dazzling readers. And this is how I found myself in the fabric store with three kids one day after school. One kid in the cart loudly jabbering, one giving me a hands-on-hips opinion of fabric selections and the other fighting imaginary ninjas among the bolts. As he karate kicked his way down the aisle, he was stopped mid-spin by a wall mirror. I turned around as I heard him say, “Oohh, a mirror” and proceeded to drop his gym shorts and moon himself. He found this hilarious while my eyes bugged out of my head. Great. All I need is to be banned from a national craft retailer!

– Fabric in Halloween colors of your choosing
Sewing machine + thread
Straight pins + sewing scissors
Tape measure
Pillow inserts
– Fleece (orange, green and gray)
Glue gun

how to Make an Autumn Envelope Pillow

Measure the pillow you intend to cover. Mine was 18×18”.

Next, lay out your fabric and measure and cut the fabric accordingly, leaving some allowance for hem. In my case, I cut a 19×19” square.

With the remaining fabric, measure and cut out two pieces. One section will be wider than the other. For my pillow, one section measured 14×19” and the other measured 10×19”.

Fold down ½” for hem. Pin and sew.

Decorate your home with DIY Halloween pumpkin pillow.
To add a trim, I used a contrasting pattern.

Since I was using a ‘fat quarter’ piece, I measured about 4” wide strips. If need be, piece the strips together and sew. No one will ever know!

Pin the trim to the square 19×19” piece by making small pleats every 3-4”. Sew.

Autumn pumpkin pillow cover made with fabric and fleece.
With the trim now sewn to the square piece, lay it right side up. Pin the shorter (10”) piece on top of it, right side down.

Repeat with the 14” piece, overlapping the two pieces where they meet. Sew.

Use fleece to make flower rosettes for an easy pumpkin pillow cover.
Turn the pillow right side out. Insert your pillow form.

How to Make Cute Fleece Pumpkin Pillow

Lay out the orange fleece and cut 2” strips. Fold the individual strips in half and cut small slits along the fold.

Roll tightly to make a rosette and secure with hot glue. I made 23 orange rosettes.

DIY Halloween envelope pillow cover with fleece pumpkin for autumn home decor |

I made one gray stem from a cigar-like piece of fleece; two green leaves and three small green fleece curleques.

Position the individual rosettes onto the pillow in a pumpkin shape. Secure with hot glue.

How to make fabric flowers for easy home decor |
Do you enjoy making pillows as much as I do?! How do you decorate your home for autumn?

DIY autumn pumpkin envelope pillow for Halloween |

DIY Halloween pumpkin pillow cover for autumn home decor |

“Spooky” Halloween ghost pillow cover for DIY home decorating!

Use fleece to make an easy ghost Halloween throw pillow.

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