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We’re a DIY platform to help women like you find what fun projects to do around the house!

We’re looking to add some fun projects for your husband/significant other to do as well – we’ll call it “The Honey Do Projects”!

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We believe in people. We believe in human creativity and the can-do attitude! We know these are things that make each of us special. We want to see you accomplish your creative goals! We want to see you living the happiest life you imagined and spreading the joy to your families, friends, & neighbors through projects like the ones we feature on our site.

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What Readers are Saying

I love reading the tutorials! They’re so easy to follow & make me feel like a pro – even though I’m pretty new!


My kids love the projects I make for them! They think I’m a crafts genius! It’s fun to get them involved!


I didn’t have any idea where to start with DIY projects, then I found DWF! This blog is the perfect inspiration!