INSIDE: How to repurpose old baking pan into DIY easy, eclectic wall frame for art. DIY thrift store home decorating tips.

DIY beach home decor with DIY repurposed baking pan wall frame art.

Do you have any much-used but scratched up baking pans in your pantry? Have you baked all the brownies you can bake in old and tired pan? Instead of tossing it, give it a second chance at life by transforming it into wall art.

Baking pan as wall art? Yep, you heard right. From a pan we picked up at an estate sale, learn how to take an old pan and quickly transform it into an unconventional piece of art.

This project is easier than whipping up a pan of brownies, which sound really good right about now!

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How To Make Easy Wall Frame from Old Baking Pan

This old and scratched brownie pan was part of my husband’s aunt’s estate sale. She was a wonderfully gourmet chef. So it seems only fitting that a pan she most likely baked fancy desserts in for one of her many dinner parties be given new life in our home … as part of a gallery wall.

– Old baking pan
– Spray paint (I used this great metallic gold)
Foam board or heavy cardboard
– Artwork or photo (I printed ours on high quality photo paper)
3M Super 77 Adhesive Spray
Gorilla Glue
– Wall hook + nail

How To Quickly Repurpose Baking Pan Into a Wall Frame

Give your old baking pan a coat of spray paint. Or, leave the pan as is. Whatever look you’re going for. Let dry.

Spray paint old baking pan for DIY wall frame art.
Since the inside of the pan will hold the piece of art, trace the inside shape onto a piece of foam board or heavy cardboard.

Use foam core board to trace shape of repurposed baking pan for DIY wall frame art.
Print out your artwork or photo on high quality photo paper (or get professionally printed at your local photo center).

Adhere the print to the foam core with spray adhesive.

Trim digital download beach art to fit into DIY repurposed baking pan wall frame art.Author Credit © Geraktv | 

My foam core artwork fit snugly within the pan without any needed adhesive. If yours does not, give the bottom of the baking pan a spray of adhesive to secure the foam core so it will not fall out when hung.

how to make eclectic gallery wall art for home

Add a small amount of Gorilla Glue to the bottom of the baking pan.

Add a wall hook and let dry.

Use Gorilla Glue to adhere wall hook to backside of DIY repurposed baking pan turned wall frame.
Once the glue has dried and hook is secure, hang on the wall and enjoy your eclectic wall art.

Hang a repurposed baking pan on a wall as a DIY wall frame art.
From an old baking pan to innovative wall “frame”, what random items have you hung on a wall?

DIY beach home decor with DIY repurposed baking pan wall frame art.

Looks fun as part of a gallery wall collection as seen in the DIY gallery wall around a TV!

How to decorate a gallery wall around a TV. DIY beach themed gallery feature wall ideas around a television

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