INSIDE: How to make an autumn pumpkin using $2 coffee filters and acrylic craft paints. DIY autumn home decor with pumpkin crafts. 

Make a pumpkin with $2 of paint dyed coffee filters for easy autumn home decor |

So, I love coffee. I have no recollection of when exactly I started drinking coffee (college, probably) but I’m hooked.

Would it shock you to learn that for each child I’ve brought into this world, I’ve added one more cup of coffee to my list of daily (survival) needs?!

So a “stroll” through the grocery (aka: more like a speedster with kids hanging off the cart) led me to grab a package of coffee filters for some frugal (read: $2) autumn home decor…

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How To Make a $2 Pumpkin From Coffee Filters

This is my first time ever doing something with coffee filters, outside of filling a brewing machine! But now that I know how quick a coffee filter project can come together, I’m addicted. Get it?!

– Coffee filters (I picked up these for $1.99 at the grocery. This is the kind I used.)
Craft acrylic paint (or food dye)
– Several sheets of newspaper
– Piece of tape
Hot glue gun (or craft glue)

How to Make a $2 Coffee Filter Pumpkin |

how to make craft pumpkin for autumn home decor

I followed a tutorial found here to dye the coffee filters using watered down craft paint.

Beyond easy! I dyed orange, green and brown filters.

Fold the filter into a taco shape.

Add some hot glue to the middle and fold in half. Add another dab of glue and fold it in half again. Make yourself a bunch of these!

How to Make a $2 Coffee Filter Pumpkin |
Wad a few sheets of newspaper into a round shape and secure the ends together with a piece of tape.

How to Make a $2 Coffee Filter Pumpkin |
I glued a couple flat filters to the bottom of the newspaper shape.

I then began to hot glue the filter triangles onto the newspaper, spacing them out around the shape.

How to Make a $2 Coffee Filter Pumpkin |
Once you’ve covered the newspaper, begin to gently separate each individual filter, fluff and scrunch them.

How to Make a $2 Coffee Filter Pumpkin |
Stack a few brown filters together and roll into a cigar shape for the stem.

Fold three green filters into triangles as leaves. Secure them all with glue.

Turn $2 of dyed coffee filters into a DIY pumpkin home decor |
Not bad for $2! There’s nothing wrong with getting your (craft) fix!!

Make a pumpkin with $2 of paint dyed coffee filters for easy autumn home decor |
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