INSIDE: How to decorate a wood pallet wall with personal photos. How to make a gallery wall on DIY wood pallet shiplap wall.

DIY Decorate a Pallet Wall with Personal Photos Gallery Wall

Pallet walls! We all love them. They can work in a kitchen, living room or bedroom. They can work with modern or traditional decor. They are all the rage on the TV design shows and all over Pinterest. Which is why I’m not going to give you yet one more tutorial on how to install a pallet wall. Instead I’m going to show you how we decorated our pallet wall.

If you love the look of a pallet wall as much as we do, hopefully this will spark some inspiration and creativity on what to do with the pallet wall once it’s up.

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How To Decorate a Wood Pallet Wall with a Photo Display

Our family room – the room we seem to spend the majority of our time – has taken on something of a beachy-vibe. Even though we live in the desert, the beach seems to be our happy place. The California coast is where us “Zonies” (aka: Arizonans) go to escape our insane summer heat!

So when we moved into our home, we needed and wanted something to cover up a wall of planked wood that just felt old and tired. And what better way to get a beach vibe than with (more!) old wood?

How to decorate a pallet wall

Is your pallet safe for indoors?

How do you know if the pallet you found sitting by a dumpster or at back of the grocery store is safe to use inside your home? Apparently, there are all sorts of different pallets out there in the great big world and they are all treated differently. Here is a handy cheat sheet for you to reference before you haul that pallet home, courtesy of 1001Pallets.

How to decorate a wood pallet wall

How to Decorate Wood Shiplap Wall

We aren’t too over-the-top with our decorating so for us, less is more. Plus, don’t you want the several weekend long project to be the showstopper?

Many years back, during our annual summer pilgrimage to the California coast, we snapped a super cute photo of our now 6 year old dipping her little finger into the ocean. We have since snapped similar photos of kids #2 and #3 in the same spot on the same beach. So we blew up these sweet beach-y photos to a 16×20″ size and framed them in vintage thrift store finds.

I found some interesting frames here that I then painted the same color in order for them to look cohesive.

My husband’s job takes him around Southern Arizona. During his many travels back-n-forth across our state, he has come across our kiddos names on real, legit streets…even one in a gated community which he “broke” into in order to snap a photo of “Sophie Lane”. We printed these street names on metal at an 11×14″ size.

Update a wall in your home with DIY wood pallet wall decorated with personal photos and name signs.

Hope this simple pallet gallery wall provides you with some inspiration for how to decorate yours. Want to see another unique gallery wall idea?

How to decorate a wood pallet wall

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