INSIDE: How to make a DIY 20-minute retro tinsel garland wreath. Cheap Christmas holiday wreath front door decor.

Festive 20-minute DIY retro tinsel garland wreath.

Nothing screams ‘Christmas’ like tinsel. So when I found a tangled pile of tinsel garland — somewhere in a decoration box — I pulled out this long, glittery snake.

I have no idea how all this retro tinsel came into my possession but I was now its lucky owner. I have a sneaking suspicion it was a crafty hand-me-down from my sister’s attempt at decorating her mailbox!

So, yeah, retro tinsel garland. There wasn’t exactly enough to drape around a tree but there was the perfect amount to wrap around a wreath form.

After 20-minutes of wrapping and hot gluing, I crafted an easy tinsel garland. Because you can never have enough retro holiday sparkle. Right?!

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How to Make Retro 20-Minute Tinsel Garland Wreath

I grew up with a tinsel garland around the tree. It was a metallic combination of silvers and golds. And there was lots of it. Oh, life in the 80s.

Tinsel garland (I used red and silver)
– 2″ (or larger) glitter pom poms
– Hot glue gun
– Decorative ribbon
– Wreath form

How to Use Tinsel for 20-Minute Easy Christmas Wreath

Wrap the tinsel around the wire wreath form.

If using more than one color of tinsel, wrap them together for that candy cane look. Tuck the ends under the wrapping.

Wrap a wreath form with tinsel garland for a DIY Retro Tinsel Garland Christmas Wreath

Hot glue the jumbo glittery pom poms onto one side of the wreath.

Hot glue gun jumbo sparkly pom poms onto a retro DIY tinsel garland Christmas wreath

Add Sparkle to Your Home with Easy Tinsel Wreath

If desired, add a bow to the wreath on either side of the pom poms.

I took a long strip of candy cane ribbon and cut it into three differing lengths.

I layered them on top of one another starting with the shortest one and tied a piece of ribbon around the middle. Fluff up.

Or, simply loop the ribbon around the top of the wreath to hang.

Make your holidays full of fun, friends …and tinsel. Lots and lots of tinsel.

Festive 20-minute DIY retro tinsel garland wreath.

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